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Ancient Roar Pokémon TCG Card List: New Cards Revealed

Ancient Roar Pokémon TCG Card List: New Cards Revealed

This expansion features a collection of over 100 rare and powerful Pokémon cards from the Unova region. Each box contains 30 packs, and each pack holds 5 cards. There are a total of 66 different card types, with some additional ones included at random. Along with the cards, the box also includes an exclusive deck box and playmat to help you keep your cards organized and add a stylish touch to your collection.

The gradual revelation of the Ancient Roar card list is driving passionate fans wild. As Japan Figure delve deeper into the Ancient Roar expansion set, it's time to explore the precious gems that are making this release truly unique.

1. Roaring Moon ex

The DDC card, named "Frenzied Gouging," has a unique ability. When you use this attack, it immediately knocks out your opponent's Active Pokémon. However, there's a catch – your own Pokémon takes 200 damage in the process.

Another attack this card has is called "Calamity Storm." This one deals a base damage of 100, but it comes with an interesting option. You can choose to discard a Stadium card currently in play, and if you do, the attack gets significantly boosted by an additional 120 damage.

Roaring Moon ex pokemon ancient roar card

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2. Sandy Shocks ex

This card features a unique ability called "Magnetic Absorption." It allows you to take advantage of your opponent's progress, specifically when they have 4 prizes or fewer remaining. Once per turn, you can attach 1 Basic Fighting Energy from your Discard Pile to this Pokémon, giving it an energy boost.

As for its attack, "Ground Spikes" requires FFC energy and deals a significant 200 damage. However, there's a drawback – after using this powerful attack, this Pokémon won't be able to attack during your next turn.

Sandy Shocks ex pokemon ancient roar card

3. Scream Tail

This card features two distinctive moves. First, there's "Slap," which requires a single Psychic energy (P) and delivers a 30-damage hit.

The second attack, "Roaring Scream," utilizes two Colorless energy (PC). Its damage potential depends on the number of damage counters on this Pokémon. For each damage counter present, it inflicts 20 damage to one of your opponent's Pokémon. Importantly, this damage calculation doesn't consider Weakness or Resistance for Benched Pokémon.

Scream Tail pokemon ancient roar card

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4. Slither Wing

This card boasts two distinct moves. First, there's "Trample," a simple one-energy (F) attack that forces your opponent to discard the top card from their deck, potentially disrupting their strategy.

The second attack, "Billowing Burn," is more powerful but comes with a drawback. It requires two Fire energy (FF) and deals 120 damage to your opponent's Active Pokémon. However, this attack also inflicts 90 damage to itself. Additionally, it has a bonus effect of causing your opponent's Active Pokémon to become Burned, which can add extra damage over time.

Slither Wing pokemon ancient roar card

5. Brute Bonnet

This card comes with a unique ability known as "Toxic Powder." Once per turn, if this Pokémon has an Ancient Booster Energy Capsule attached, you have the option to Poison both Active Pokémon, adding a gradual damage effect to the battle.

For its attack, "Rampaging Hammer," it requires two Darkness energy and one Colorless energy (DDC). This attack deals a powerful 120 damage to the opponent's Active Pokémon. However, there's a drawback to using it: during your next turn, this Pokémon won't be able to launch an attack.

Brute Bonnet pokemon ancient roar card

6. Ancient Booster Energy Capsule

This card is a special Tool card known as "Ancient." When attached to an Ancient Pokémon, it provides several beneficial effects. Firstly, the Pokémon it's attached to gains an additional 60 Hit Points (HP), making it more resilient in battles.

Additionally, this Ancient Pokémon becomes immune to all Special Conditions, and any existing Special Conditions it might have are removed. This means it can't be affected by conditions like Poison, Burn, Paralysis, and others, enhancing its ability to endure and perform in battles.

Ancient Booster Energy Capsule pokemon ancient roar card

7. Earthen Vessel

This card is an Item card with the "Ancient" attribute. To use it, you'll need to discard another card from your hand as a cost. Once activated, it allows you to search your deck for up to 2 Basic Energy cards, reveal them to your opponent, and add them to your hand. Afterward, you must shuffle your deck to maintain fairness.

Earthen Vessel pokemon ancient roar card

8. Professor Sada’s Determination

This card is a Supporter card with the "Ancient" attribute. When played, you have the option to choose up to 2 of your Ancient Pokémon on the field. For each of the chosen Pokémon, you can attach 1 Basic Energy card from your Discard Pile to them, recharging their energy reserves.

If you successfully attach at least one Energy using this effect, you get the bonus of drawing 3 additional cards, providing you with more options and resources for your next moves.

Professor Sada’s Determination pokemon ancient roar card

9. Mela

This card is a Supporter card with a specific condition for use. You can only play it if any of your Pokémon were Knocked Out during your opponent's last turn. When activated, you get to attach 1 Basic Fire Energy from your Discard Pile to one of your Pokémon, giving it an energy boost.

As an added bonus, if you choose to attach the Energy using this card's effect, you're allowed to draw cards from your deck until you have a total of 6 cards in your hand, potentially replenishing your options for the upcoming turns.

Mela pokemon ancient roar card

10. Some other Ancient Card

Several other card lists from Ancient Roar have also been revealed, driving fans to excitement and frenzy. This promises to be an expansion full of diversity and excitement.

Pokemon trading card game ancient roar

Pokemon trading card game ancient roar

To be among the earliest to possess and delve into the enigmatic past and exhilarating card battles, secure your order promptly through Japan Figure. Don't let the upcoming adventure slip away!

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