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Top 4 Most Popular Trading Card Game Of All Time

Up to now, TCG - Trading Card Game products have always had a distinct attraction to a large number of players around the world. Especially for those who are passionate and love the genre of thinking tactics and have good calculation ability. Or fans of hit anime like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!. In this article, Japan-Figure will send you "interesting" things about the Trading Card Game and the top 9 most popular Trading Card Games up to now. Let's wait and see how many of these TCGs you know.


Trading Card Game - TCG is also known as Collectible Card Game or card game. This is a type of card designed based on a model similar to a Western deck. However, the details on the card are completely different.

Trading card game Japan-Figure

Accordingly, on the cards will appear simulated images of characters in comics. If you want to play card games, you must collect them. Each card will carry a specific function, so you have as many different cards as possible. Although it is an entertaining game, card games still require players to have intelligence. To win the game is very difficult, so you need to have a specific strategy before participating.


Trading Card Games first appeared probably on the computer, inspired by magic cards with magic. The typical name is from the famous work Yugi-OH!. Collectible Card Game and Dueling or Trading Card Game, also known as magic card games, are two very popular card games in the world.

Thanks to the rich form and content, the Trading Card Game gradually gained traction and received a lot of support, continuing to spread to the Mobile market, but in recent years, when the internet developed strongly, many types of new games were born, the Trading Card Games were gradually forgotten, however, despite the difficulties, there are still many games that maintain their popularity.


To play Trading Card Game, each player will have 1 character or 1 object to represent themselves. For example Nexus Town Hall in Legends of Runeterra or characters from the Warcraft universe in Hearthstone. Each player must try their best to destroy the opponent's characters/opponents to end the match.

Each card comes with a text to describe the card's special effects in the game. Some other Trading Card Games will make use of keywords to simplify the passage of text. For example, MTG: The Gathering has more than 25 popular keywords, or new keywords in Hearthstone appear in each expansion,...

Trading card game Japan-Figure

The central, most core part of the Trading Card Game is the "resource" mechanism designed to control the tempo of the game. A good example is the resource mana mechanism that appears in many famous card games such as Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc. Thanks to this mechanism, the number of cards is increased, used in a tightly controlled round. From that was born the Control, Midrange, Aggro, Energy, and more decks were built based on the tempo of the match and the respective game.

The cards that appear in the match are all cards from the owner and opponent's deck. Players can be flexible depending on the cards drawn to have suitable strategies. The ultimate goal is to win but not too boring in the given order.


1. Trading Card Game inspired by Anime series

This is a Trading Card Game genre inspired by a certain anime/manga series. The characters, skills, and stories of these Trading Card Games often depend on the stories of a certain anime character or the plot of the anime. The TCG genre is very popular in many countries and among young people because of its closeness to game content. This can be said to be the most popular and accessible Trading Card Game type.

Trading card game Japan-Figure

The famous representative of this type of card game is Yu-Gi-Oh!, the card game that brings the most "nostalgia" for fans of card games. There is also an equally famous name that is the Pokemon card game.

2. Trading Card Game inspired by European movies

Representing this type of Trading Card Game is the Harry Potter series of card games. Similar to the first type, this type uses the content, the story of the characters, and the skills of the characters in any movie to create a card game.

3. Trading Card Game fighting form

As the most popular Trading Card Game genre today, Magic The Gathering is the "pioneer" name with diverse and complex gameplay that has attracted a large number of players. This was followed by the introduction of Hearthstone with friendly mechanics and style, inspired by the famous Warcraft universe that attracted a large number of card gamers.

So far, after the launch of Legends of Runeterra, this type of card game is more popular than ever, gradually maintaining its "unique" position in the card game genre.


Let's find out with Japan-Figure about the top 4 "national" faces in the Trading Card Game genre.

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game

Yugi – Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation is a famous Trading Card Game and always stands at the top even though it has been released for more than 20 years. This game is designed according to the content of the famous Japanese movie - Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Trading card game Japan-Figure

Enter the card game world of Yu-Gi-Oh! You will have to use the cards to attack and knock down your opponent. Each card will represent monsters, magic witches, traps,... with unique abilities. However, the player needs to create a perfect strategy to eliminate all the opponent's cards. When either side runs out of cards at the base point, the game ends.

The special and famous feature of Yugi - Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generation is not only attractive content but also can be played online and offline. Therefore, you can play the game at any time whether there is internet or not. In addition, the Trading Card Games sold as real cards are also valid for conversion into the game if purchased genuine.

2. Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon Trading Card Game is one of the top best and most famous card games today. Just like Yugi – Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generation, this game is built according to the content of the hit Japanese movie Pokemon. The film itself has a strong "supporter" behind it. Pokemon fans want to live in the world of Pokemon to experience "realistic" battles. Pokemon Trading Card Game was born as a door to help Pokemon fans get closer to the Pokemon world.

Trading card game Japan-Figure

Pokemon Trading Card has a system of Pokemon cards that will be divided into the following types: leaf system, fire system, water system, electric system, ... Corresponding 3 main groups of cards are Energy, Trainer, Character. Each card will have different skills and abilities. Players will find ways to combine these abilities in the best way to win against the opponent.

The gameplay of the Pokemon Trading Card Game is relatively simple and suitable for all ages. You can completely participate in online matches via PC or supported models. Besides, collecting cards and participating in offline Pokemon matches are also the options of many players.

3. Shadowverse

Shadowverse is one of the best card games today from the land of the rising sun. The difference that makes this game attractive is the card system with eye-catching anime-style characters. However, the gameplay of Shadowverse has not changed compared to other games.

Trading card game Japan-Figure

This card game offers a system of more than 400 rich cards with different abilities. The player's task is to use the game cards with a reasonable strategy to attack and defeat the opponent. However, not only attacking, but players also need to create a solid defence to avoid attacks from enemies.

4. Legends Of Runeterra

Released in 2020, from the early days of release Legends Of Runeterra has become famous and is considered by gamers as one of the best card games today. Because this game is designed and inspired by the famous strategy game League of Legends. It is that has created the attraction and reputation for Legends Of Runeterra in today's volatile game market.

Trading card game Japan-Figure

This Legends Of Runeterra has game mechanics, unlike other card games. Each card will have its own set of skills. When playing, you will have to command an army of cards and use all tactics to bring the opponent's health to zero. After winning, the player will have the opportunity to own extra characters that only appear in the game League of Legends.

If used correctly and appropriately, they can be as strong as champions. In particular, Legends Of Runeterra also provides other cards such as spells, traps, etc, ... to support general cards in battle. It is these special things that have helped Legends Of Runeterra become famous.

The following are the top 4 Trading Card Games that are loved by many people today. And it's great because 2 game products are inspired by Japanese anime. If you have any questions about Trading Card Game, do not hesitate to contact Japan-Figure for further advice!


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