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Unraveling the Mystery: How old is Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins?

Unraveling the Mystery: How old is Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins

This Japan Figure article will lead you to discover a character who is not only famous in the anime world but also brings many surprises and curiosities: Meliodas. Have you ever wondered about his real age? How old is Meliodas? Although Meliodas appears as a young man, together we will discover the truth behind his age and the wonders and complexities that the long years behind him have contributed to. Let's follow along to better understand this passionate hero in the series "The Seven Deadly Sins."

1. How old is Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins?

Now we will find out: How old is Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas, the Dragon's Sin of Wrath and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, is much older than his youthful appearance suggests. Despite looking like a child, Meliodas is more than three thousand years old. His age is a result of being a powerful and long-lived being in the world of "The Seven Deadly Sins." And that's an answer to the question: How old is Meliodas?

How old is Meliodas? Meliodas is approximately 3,000 years old in "The Seven Deadly Sins" series

How old is Meliodas? Meliodas is approximately 3,000 years old in "The Seven Deadly Sins" series

Meliodas has undergone various transformations throughout the series, each with its distinct appearance and abilities. Despite his age, he often appears as a short, muscular figure with messy blond hair, emerald eyes, and lacks facial hair, contributing to his youthful look. One of his distinctive features is the Dragon symbol carved on his left bicep.

Over the course of the series, Meliodas has worn different outfits corresponding to different periods and roles. From his time as the leader of the Ten Commandments to his tenure as the head of Danafor's Holy Knights, and his various battles and experiences, Meliodas' attire has evolved. His outfits range from traditional armor to more contemporary and formal attire.

After his time in Purgatory, Meliodas carries seven permanent scars on his chest, where his hearts are located. Additionally, he sports a new Black Mark, reminiscent of the one he had as the leader of the Ten Commandments. His appearance has changed, and he now wears an outfit similar to his debut outfit.

In his Assault Mode, Meliodas shrouds himself in darkness, taking on a distinctive appearance with a vest-like coat, wrist bands, and unique pants connected to his feet.

After absorbing all the Commandments and becoming a vessel for the Demon King, Meliodas undergoes a drastic transformation. His body becomes that of a tall and muscular adult with long hair, a white full-body leotard, golden boots, and gauntlets, accompanied by clawlike protrusions from dark matter on his back.

Following the expulsion of the Demon King from his body, Meliodas reverts to his previous appearance. He achieves a new form similar to when he was possessed by his father, although this power is later sacrificed to destroy the Commandments forever. In short, the above information is the answer to the question: How old is Meliodas?

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2. Exploring Meliodas's Personality

Meliodas is a multifaceted character whose personality undergoes significant changes throughout the "Seven Deadly Sins" series. In the previous part, we learned How old is Meliodas and now we will learn more about this character's personality. He is known for his straightforwardness and fearlessness, remaining calm even in unexpected situations, such as when encountering the Rust Knight later revealed to be Elizabeth Liones. Despite his serious role as the Sin of Wrath, Meliodas still engages in raunchy humor and frequently tells jokes, showing a lighter side to his personality.

Beneath his carefree demeanor lies a strong sense of justice. He willingly aids those in distress, and even when severely injured, he hides any signs of weakness from his companions. However, Meliodas carries a deep-seated resentment towards himself, viewing his role as an older brother to Zeldris as a failure, haunted by the suffering he caused him.

As the Sin of Wrath, Meliodas possesses a protective instinct that unleashes extreme rage when his friends or companions are harmed. Despite this, he harbors a reluctance to kill and prefers to be merciful, a trait that sets him apart from his title.

Meliodas has a dark and terrifying past during his time as the leader of the Ten Commandments. He displayed a ruthless and arrogant demeanor, feared by demons and goddesses alike. Even with this darker side, Meliodas had doubts about the war but remained loyal to his father.

The character experiences a profound shift after his time in Purgatory, displaying a more ruthless and sometimes sadistic side when using his demonic powers. He fears reverting to his old self and maintains a calmer demeanor in his quest to break Elizabeth's curse.

Devotion to Elizabeth is a central aspect of Meliodas's character. His actions and decisions are strongly influenced by his love for her, as he seeks to break their curses and be reunited, even if it means confronting his darker past and making deals with former enemies.

Meliodas possesses a complex personality in "The Seven Deadly Sins," blending strength, cunning, and a troubled past

Meliodas possesses a complex personality in "The Seven Deadly Sins," blending strength, cunning, and a troubled past

In summary, Meliodas's character is layered and complex, evolving through various phases in the series. From a carefree captain to the leader of the Ten Commandments and beyond, his experiences, emotions, and relationships shape his personality and drive his actions.

3. Meliodas's Incredible Power in the Seven Deadly Sins

Next, let's find out how powerful Meliodas is at an age that surprises others with the question How old is Meliodas?

Meliodas, captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, is a legend with incredible fighting skills and strength. Previously, he was the leader of the Ten Commandments and the worthy heir to the Demon King's throne. Meliodas's power tilts the gates of power between the Goddess and the Demon Clan, even causing a powerful demon like Gowther to betray him.

Like all members of the Demon Clan, Meliodas has the ability to use dark powers, transform, and fight impressively. He is famous for his use of swords and physical strength, and has special magical abilities such as Full Counter, which allows him to counter magical attacks. His power shocked the world, from simultaneously overwhelming the Elves and Giant King Gloxinia and Drole to being able to destroy the entire Kingdom of Danafor.

Meliodas' presence is not only powerful in combat, but is also associated with a series of curses and transformations. He became the new Demon King, gaining power comparable to his father and capable of breaking the curse on Elizabeth. However, Meliodas' actions also have dire consequences, such as sacrificing his divine power to prevent his father from returning and losing his ability to stay in the Mortal Plane.

Meliodas wields immense power, making him an unstoppable force to be reckoned

Meliodas wields immense power, making him an unstoppable force to be reckoned.


  • Full Counter (Furukauntā): Meliodas has the ability to reflect magical attacks aimed at him back at the opponent, with greater strength. However, he cann't initiate attacks on his own and needs to read the timing/nature of the opponent's attack.
  • Hellblaze (Herubureizu): Meliodas generates black flames that can nullify the regenerative abilities of immortals.
  • Assault Mode (Asaruto Mōdo): Meliodas releases the full power of his demonic nature, achieving immense strength but temporarily losing senses and emotions.
  • Kami Chigiri (Thousand Divine Slashes): Meliodas instantly slashes his opponent a thousand times with his sword.
  • Trillion Dark (Toririon Dāku): Meliodas releases a series of small dark orbs concentrated high towards the opponent.
  • Shiden Issen (Purple Thunder Flash): Meliodas instantly slashes multiple opponents with his sword.
  • Dark Prominence: Meliodas infuses dark power into his sword and executes a powerful slashing attack.

Combined Techniques:

  • Combined Technique: Kamigui (God Devourer): Meliodas combines his sword with Elizabeth's Ark, slashing the opponent a thousand times instantly.
  • Combined Technique: Tyrant Killing: Meliodas and Zeldris attack enemies with swords infused with dark power.


  • Giant Broad Sword: Meliodas used this sword in the Holy War 3,000 years ago and as leader of the Ten Commandments. At least twice the size of Meliodas, this sword broke in the fight with the goddess Elizabeth, losing to the power of the Demon King and the Supreme God. Doesn't have special characteristics like a Sacred Treasure.
  • Dragon Handle: Meliodas used this sword in conjunction with Full Counter. It also seems to have unique abilities and that is one of the important elements of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness.
  • Liz's Sword: After Meliodas reclaimed his lover Liz's sword, he applied it after the Dragon's Handle was stolen. Works in sync with Full Counter and suffered losses in the match against Albion.
  • Lostvayne: A Divine Treasure belonging to the Seven Deadly Sins, Lostvayne is a "sword of demonic excrement." Meliodas sold it to fund the Boar Hat and later received it back from Merlin. Has the Jitsuzo Bunshin ability, which is compatible with Meliodas' Full Counter, allowing him to use it at a more dangerous level.
  • Bone Sword: In Purgatory, Meliodas's emotions formed a sword from the bones of the native species, with a long blade. Meliodas Full Counter compatibility makes it a powerful tool. 

4. Meliodas's relationships

Meliodas, the central protagonist in "The Seven Deadly Sins," has complex relationships with various characters. As the captain of the Sins, he shares a deep bond of camaraderie with his fellow members, supporting and protecting them in their quests. One notable connection is his romantic involvement with Elizabeth, a love that transcends time and carries a tragic history. Additionally, Meliodas has a complicated dynamic with his brother, Zeldris, as they find themselves on opposing sides of a conflict. Amidst these intricate relationships, the question lingers: How old is Meliodas? The truth reveals a surprising twist as Meliodas is revealed to be far older than he appears, concealing his true age behind a youthful facade.

Throughout the series, Meliodas' relationships serve as a driving force, shaping his actions and character development. They reveal layers of loyalty, sacrifice, and the complexities of love and betrayal. Despite the challenges and conflicts, these connections ultimately contribute to Meliodas' growth as a character and his quest to overcome his dark past.

4.1. Elizabeth

Meliodas and Elizabeth have a warm and friendly relationship, shown through Meliodas's joking and teasing moments with Elizabeth. He often "checked" her panties, once even making fun of them. Groping also happens frequently and without any hesitation. However, he wasn't just joking around, he was also interested in Elizabeth's strengths and considered her an important person. So far, Elizabeth is the only thing that makes Meliodas angry if lost or hurt.

After the Ten Sins were released, Meliodas became cold towards Elizabeth to protect her from danger. However, this does not stop Elizabeth's feelings, as she still wishes to be with Meliodas and help him. This relationship changes when Meliodas re-accepts Elizabeth after she helps him overcome a trial to restore his strength.

Elizabeth is a compassionate and determined heroine with a mysterious past.

Elizabeth is a compassionate and determined heroine with a mysterious past

The relationship between Meliodas and Elizabeth develops over 3,000 years, with Elizabeth reincarnated 107 times and Meliodas always by her side. When Elizabeth's curse reactivates, Meliodas resolves to break it and becomes the Demon King to protect and save her. Meliodas in Attack Mode holds attraction and feelings for Elizabeth, as he states that she belongs to him alone and tries to make her understand that becoming the Demon King is the only way to save her, before they marry.

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4.2. Ban

Meliodas and Ban, both respected members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Although Meliodas and Ban often challenge and compete, especially in arm wrestling, their relationship is extremely friendly. Although he makes a good companion, Meliodas often gets angry when Ban tries to take his sword.

When Ban agreed to kill him at the request of the Goddess Clan, Meliodas felt uncomfortable with Ban's recklessness, especially in their difficult situation. However, upon learning the reason behind this action, Meliodas understood and accepted Ban's sacrifice. After resolving all conflicts, they returned to a friendly and mutually respectful relationship.

When Ban reunited with his lover Elaine, Meliodas was very happy for him and even teased about their relationship, much like Ban often did with Meliodas and Elizabeth. The pair often compete with each other, comparing each other's relationships and charms, as seen in the Grand Festival Arc, where they spent the entire match trying to show who was better between Elizabeth and Elaine.

Ban, a prominent character in "The Seven Deadly Sins," is a resilient and enigmatic immortal with a troubled past and formidable combat skills

Ban, a prominent character in "The Seven Deadly Sins," is a resilient and enigmatic immortal with a troubled past and formidable combat skills

The friendship between Meliodas and Ban became even stronger after Ban ventured into Purgatory to rescue Meliodas, which made Meliodas very happy to have Ban by his side during difficult times.

4.3. Hawk

Meliodas and Hawk maintain a complicated relationship, mixed with good times and bad. Even though they often quarrel, it seems like they both care about each other. Meliodas trusts Hawk enough to entrust him with protecting Elizabeth while he is away. When Hawk was seemingly killed by Hendrickson, Meliodas appeared very angry and dissatisfied with Hendrickson for hurting Hawk, showing Meliodas' sincere concern for this talking pig.

Hawk, a lovable character in "The Seven Deadly Sins," is a talking pig with a brave and loyal heart

Hawk, a lovable character in "The Seven Deadly Sins," is a talking pig with a brave and loyal heart

Hawk, a talking pig, is a special companion of Meliodas. Both owner and pet run "The Boar Hat," a unique mobile pub. Hawk's mother, a giant pig, was often carried on her back. Hawk's personality is somewhat mysterious and interesting, with people not understanding why he has the ability to talk. Although often used for laughs in the series, Hawk plays an important role as the story develops. He is famous as the "Captain of the Scrap Disposal Order," and often brings laughter to readers through eating Meliodas' strange foods. Hawk also frequently acts as Meliodas' conscience and has proven his loyalty multiple times during the journey.

4.4. Gowther

Gowther, or the Goat's Sin of Lust, is a living doll created by a demon of the same name. During his journey, Gowther spends a lot of time exploring the meaning of emotions, often becoming cold and monotonous.

Gowther's ability to empathize is demonstrated when he is able to manipulate memories with his "Invasion" power, causing harm to both friends and enemies. The act of using "Rewrite Light" to erase Diane's memories of her feelings for King is a prime example. However, when his love and memories of Nadja are restored, Gowther becomes strong and determined to protect those important to him.

Meliodas and Gowther are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins, and their relationship seems to be complicated. Even after reuniting after 10 years, Meliodas does not recognize Gowther, implying that he may have never seen Gowther's true appearance when they were teammates. Despite this, Meliodas still shows friendliness, and Gowther respects him as a captain with the secret that Meliodas keeps for himself.

Gowther is an emotionless and enigmatic member with extraordinary abilities

Gowther is an emotionless and enigmatic member with extraordinary abilities

When their past as members of the Ten Commandments is revealed, and Gowther begins to regain his memories, Meliodas helps him and the other Sins stop Gowther from losing his memories. This action not only shows his desire to help Gowther return to his emotions and memories, but also makes Gowther's respect and friendliness towards Meliodas more real and strict.

4.5. Diane

Meliodas and Diane are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Even though Diane is enormous in size, making her appearance outstanding, Meliodas always treats her like a normal woman and trusts her as a political comrade. Just like how he shows affection towards Elizabeth, Meliodas often teases and jokes around with Diane. He even stated that he didn't "touch" Diane like Elizabeth, because she was important to him, although this was likely just a statement to please Diane.

Whenever Diane wants the same care as Elizabeth, Meliodas can act annoyed, but he nonetheless maintains a relationship with her as a trusted companion. Even as Diane develops a relationship with King, she still holds special feelings towards Meliodas, viewing him as a companion and even supporting his relationship with Elizabeth, which Meliodas is very happy about.

Diane is a gentle giantess with immense strength and a kind heart

Diane is a gentle giantess with immense strength and a kind heart

After getting through the trial and learning more about Meliodas' past and Elizabeth's curse, Meliodas comforts Diane, who feels bad for not knowing before. In turn, Diane becomes a protector and supports both him and Elizabeth as her trusted companions.

4.6. Merlin

Meliodas and Merlin, two members of the Seven Deadly Sins, interact through many events. Meliodas is surprised to learn that Merlin was the one who defeated him ten years ago. However, this shock was quickly forgotten because Meliodas' mood was focused on his relationship with Elizabeth. Despite some initial hostility, Meliodas and Merlin seem to quickly come to terms and forget what happened.

Their relationship is depicted through Meliodas's ease in conversing with Merlin about sensitive subjects such as the Ten Commandments. Meliodas was the only one of the Seven Deadly Sins who was able to share these secrets with Merlin, creating a special understanding between them.

Over time, it became known that Meliodas and Merlin had known each other 3,000 years ago and were two of the few people who understood the Commandment before the group formed. Although there were signs of hostility when Merlin first arrived in Liones, they quickly formed the Seven Deadly Sins.

Merlin is a brilliant and enigmatic sorceress with unparalleled magical abilities

Merlin is a brilliant and enigmatic sorceress with unparalleled magical abilities

Thanks to their long-term relationship, they have a deep understanding of each other and have close and cautious feelings. Meliodas was the only one who noticed Merlin acting hastily back in Camelot and worried about her injuries. His surprise when he learns that Merlin wants to find King Arthur proves that their close friendship lies deeper than it seems.

4.7. Zeldris

Zeldris, Meliodas' younger brother, experiences a complicated relationship. Initially, Meliodas appreciated Zeldris as a leader in the Ten Commandments and devoted a lot of effort to training him. However, contrasts arise when Zeldris enjoys love and feels lost after Meliodas falls in love with Elizabeth. Their relationship became strained due to betrayal and disdain from Zeldris, who harbored hatred for his brother.

When Zeldris assumes his responsibility for Elizabeth's memories, Meliodas is angry and attacks him. Their rivalry continued when Meliodas became the Demon King and Zeldris showed cooperation despite still holding a grudge. During their fight with Arthur, despite their coldness, they show signs of reconciliation, and Meliodas even begs Zeldris to forgive him for his betrayal. Meliodas's regret about forgetting his brother and his attempt at reconciliation imply a complicated relationship between them.

Zeldris is a powerful and conflicted warrior with a dark past

Zeldris is a powerful and conflicted warrior with a dark past

4.8. Demon King

Initially, Meliodas was especially loved by the Demon King, considering him the only person worthy of inheriting the Demon Clan's throne. Meliodas was taught Jikai magic, a privilege of Zeldris, showing the Demon King's trust and affection for him. Initially, Meliodas was devoted to his father, even when disagreeing with the war between the Demon and the Goddess. However, when he fell in love with Elizabeth, he betrayed his father, making the King angry. Meliodas even challenged his father, confronting the Demon King directly and being brutally defeated. Meliodas' hatred for the Demon King grew after this event.

In their following meetings, Meliodas and the Demon King did not hesitate to show their hostility. When the Demon King revealed about the curse, Meliodas was angry and even deceived to taunt his father. Although he values father-son love, Meliodas does not hesitate to reject this relationship, showing coldness and challenging the Demon King. Both held anger and hatred, but Meliodas objected even more strongly.

The Demon King is an ominous and malevolent entity of immense power and evil

Even though he saw the Demon King's superior power firsthand, Meliodas still maintained his fighting spirit and was fearless. He even openly acknowledged his father's strength, but still did not submit. Meliodas confronts and even enjoys challenging the Demon King, taunting him about the failure of his plan and leaving with a passion for battle.

4.9. Escanor

Meliodas and Escanor, both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas holds Escanor in high regard, considering him the strongest on the team, even admitting that Escanor can surpass himself. However, Escanor seems to depend on Meliodas, especially at night, like when Meliodas pulls his Sacred Treasure. Although Meliodas was a bit annoyed with Escanor's noise and doubts, he still encouraged and supported him to increase his confidence in himself. When he learned about Meliodas' curse, Escanor created a related poem to cheer him up, because he understood the feeling of being cursed. Meliodas appreciated Escanor's effort and expressed his gratitude.

Escanor is a prideful and awe-inspiring warrior with fluctuating power based on the sun

Escanor is a prideful and awe-inspiring warrior with fluctuating power based on the sun

Escanor respects Meliodas, especially at night when he is the captain. Night Escanor often apologizes for feeling like a burden. In contrast, Daytime Escanor, while still respecting Meliodas, had his respect diminished significantly due to his pride and confidence in his personal strength.


In short, the article has given the correct answer to the question How old is Meliodas in Seven Deadly Sins? and opens a deeper look at this character in the "Seven Deadly Sins" series. Meliodas is not only a famous young man, but also a warrior spanning thousands of years, with many different transformations and experiences marking his journey. The story of Meliodas's coming of age is not just a number, but also the journey of a character full of vitality and meaning.

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