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Easy Tips For Taking Care Your Figures

Falling in love with and owning an anime figure has been extremely difficult for anime fans. However, one problem inevitably arose after having an anime figure is "maintenance". Collectors of anime figures often struggle with finding ways to keep their "children" looking new. In this article, Japan-Figure will show you easy tips for taking care of your anime figure. Let's see.


Anime figures are a form of culture and a hobby among anime fans. These are 3D models inspired by anime characters. Whether it's a popular anime or manga series, there are figures on the market. That can be a separate merchandise category that many companies choose to produce. Currently, only a few companies are licensed to produce anime figures exclusively based on licensed anime series.

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Not only anime figures but also all figures need a lot of care and maintenance. Figures are often made up of many detailed parts. The crevices on the figure are places for dirt and bacteria to hide. Dirt accumulates over time, making joints less flexible. Not to mention genuine anime figures are often made from plastic materials. If not stored properly, it is easy to cause chemical reactions that reduce the value of the anime figure.

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Since figures are collectable products, collectors often display them as collections to impress their friends. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve them as new so as not to lose the value of the product.


Clean dirt regularly

The air is always filled with dust particles which affect not only the health of the inhabitants but also the aesthetics of the house. Anime figures are also affected by that. Even though the models are carefully collected and stored in the preservation billions, they can still become dusty. Particularly in details such as hair, eyes, hands, hands, ... dust accumulates. In this situation, the product will lose its beauty, the colour may change. It will also be difficult to clean without leaving traces.

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In that case, you can think about using small squeegees to clean the little crevices of the anime figure. Using cotton swabs is seen as a temporary solution but is not effective. Besides, you can use a small-head air spray to effectively clean the dirt in the crevices. This method is both convenient and fast, especially for products with too many fine details.

Use glass cabinets for storage

If you are looking for an effective way to preserve your figures then this is probably what you are looking for. By using glass cabinets for storage, you will not only be able to keep your favourite figures clean but also elegantly display them.

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Although using a glass cabinet for storage is an effective way, it must be said that it is not 100% effective. Figures and even glass cabinets can still get dusty. However, the amount of dirt clinging to the top is certainly not as much as when left outside in the environment. What you need to do now is clean the glass regularly so that you can see the figures inside the cabinet. And now and then a simple dusting of the figures inside.

Keep the figures out of the sunlight

Everyone is aware that products made from plastic will undergo a chemical reaction with sunlight if they are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. The same is true of figures as well. Most figures are made from PVC and ABS, so leaving them in direct sunlight for a long time will easily cause the figure to melt and damage some parts. In addition, the colour of the figures will also be stained compared to when it was purchased.

The best way is to place the figures in a place where sunlight cannot reach them. If space does not allow it, you can consider buying more dark curtains, which absorb the heat from sunlight, to create a suitable space to store the figures. Besides, if economic conditions do not permit it, you can just consider finding ways to isolate the figure glasses cases from sunlight.

Be careful with the small parts of the figure

The small details of the figure, especially Nendoroid, are easy to fall off and lose due to their small size. What's unique about Nendoroid is that you can customize your character's pose, face, and gear to your liking using small parts of the figure at the time of purchase. These small parts are the most valuable part of the figure, especially for a Nendoroid.

Japan Figure

Therefore, figure collectors need to be very careful when collecting figures that have small parts like arms, legs, swords, guns, faces, etc, that have a high chance of getting lost. You can combine these small components into a small signed box and place it next to your figure displayed in a glass case. When cleaning figures, you need to check these components and make sure to spot any deficiencies as soon as possible so that they can be found in time.

Wash only when necessary

The dust off you can do often as it doesn't affect the quality of a figure too much. However, washing is another matter. You should wash figures when necessary to ensure the quality of the figure is not degraded.

Washing products with warm water and a few mild detergents such as soap is an effective way to clean figures. Gently clean them with a toothbrush so as not to damage the colour quality but still clean every nook and cranny of the figure. Great care should be taken when cleaning the details of the figure as they are easily lost.

If you wash them, you need to gently pat them dry with a dry towel and let them dry naturally. One thing not to do is use a dryer or expose the figures to the sun. The heat from the sun or a dryer can distort your beloved figure.

Keep figure collection safe

Some figures have built-in batteries so they can work. However, you should only leave the batteries in the figure when you're using them and remove them when you have done using them. Because the battery can leak acid, which is a health hazard and will most likely damage your figure. If you have not removed the battery from the figure yet, do so now, this is an extremely important step. If you remove the battery, you will see white corroded parts inside the compartment as well as signs of rust. You need to resolve the problem right away.

Using gloves when cleaning, washing, and arranging figures is one of the most effective ways to protect figures. It reduces the amount of oil that comes into direct contact with the figure from the sweat glands on the hands. Sweat can cause deterioration and affect the figure because it is made from plastic materials. Wearing cloth gloves is a top priority. As the gloves absorb grease from your hands, your hands will remain clean. If you don't have gloves you can use a clean cloth or towel to handle the figures, but this is not an effective measure. Please note to limit direct hand contact with the figure during cleaning.

There are many high-value figure collections. You can contact your insurance company to have your collection appraised and insured if you have such a collection. That is similar to the wealthy purchasing insurance for their expensive houses and cars.


Caring for and cleaning figures is something that any figure collector needs to do to maintain their value. However, the cleaning needs to be done correctly and according to a specific schedule.

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Storage: If you want the figures to be well preserved, you need to limit direct sunlight on the figure. The room temperature must be between 8 and 28 degrees Celsius. Do not let the light of the heat lamps directly shine on the figure. The humidity in the room should also not be too high. That can cause cracking or fading of the figure's colour. Transporting also requires gentle and meticulous magic, especially with the Nendoroid, which is a figure that comes with a lot of small details that are easy to lose.

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Cleaning: Gently clean and avoid harsh detergents such as soap if not necessary. Prioritize using soft items such as brushes and bristle towels to gently wipe stains with toothpaste mixed with water.

Here are a few tips and ideas that you can put into practice right away to keep your favourite figure collection perfect. If you still have questions about the figure as well as how to take care of the figure, you can contact Japan-Figure for further advice. See you in the next post.


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