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Funko BLACKPINK: What Makes Them A Must-Have For Collectors?

Funko BLACKPINK: What Makes Them A Must-Have For Collectors?

The combination of Funko Pop! and BLACKPINK has created a buzz among Funko item enthusiasts and BLINKs. This makes the Funko BLACKPINK highly sought after by both K-Pop fans and figure collectors. If you're wondering why, join this blog with Japan Figure as we're about to take you to explore the reasons. Get ready to discover the fusion of music and figures that defines this extraordinary collection!

1. Briefly About Funko Pop!

For those who are passionate about figures, they are probably familiar with Funko Pop! However, for K-Pop fans, this may be unfamiliar. Therefore, to make our journey into the world of Funko BLACKPINK smoother and more exciting, let's take a moment to understand this Funko Pop! phenomenon.

After many years of being founded, Funko has become a powerhouse in the collectibles industry, known for its diverse range of vinyl figures that cover various realms of pop culture. Funko Pop! are characterized by their distinctive design - a combination of oversized heads and miniature bodies, creating an adorable and instantly recognizable aesthetic. What started as a niche hobby has evolved into a global craze, with Funko Pop figures representing characters from movies, TV shows, video games,... And, of course, the vibrant world of music - that's BLACK PINK Funko Pop!

There are various figures in the universe of Funko Pop!

There are various figures in the universe of Funko Pop!

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Each Funko Pop release is not just a figure; it is a carefully crafted piece of art that captures the essence of the characters or personalities it represents. The appeal lies not only in the tangible representation but also in the nostalgia and fandom these figures evoke.

Now, let's explore how this iconic brand intersects with the K-Pop sensation, BLACKPINK, creating a fusion that has captured the hearts of both collectors and music enthusiasts alike - the Funko BLACKPINK!

2. The Irresistible Funko Collectibles: Funko BLACKPINK! & Members Represented In This Collection

Funko Pop! is an iconic collectible in the universe, while BLACKPINK is one of the most influential K-Pop groups. The combination of these two creates the most awaited collection - Funko BLACKPINK!

Funko BLACK PINK version with all 4 members

Funko BLACK PINK version with all 4 members

This Funko BLACKPINK collection is a meticulous representation of each member, bringing the essence of the iconic K-Pop group to life in vinyl form. Let's dive into the individual figures, each a unique tribute to the incredible talents and personalities that define BLACKPINK.

2.1. Jennie

This Funko Pop! dedicated to Jennie features a confident and comfortable ensemble, including a vibrant red hat and brown boots. She is also wearing a stylish cropped baseball top paired with a trendy miniskirt and suspenders. This Jennie’s Funko BLACK PINK showcases her trendsetting style and magnetic stage presence. This figure of Jennie’s Funko BLACKPINK is a visual testament to the dynamism and charisma that Jennie brings to BLACKPINK.

Jennie’s Funko Pop! BLACKPINK showcases her dynamic

Jennie’s Funko Pop! BLACKPINK showcases her dynamic

2.2. Rosé

Rosé - our lead vocalist - with her iconic blonde hair, is wearing a stylish long coat in a bold green shade over her black outfit. In this Funko BLACKPINK figure, Rosé radiates her status as a style icon in the world of K-Pop.

This Funko BLACK PINK features Rosé’s iconic blonde hair

This Funko BLACK PINK features Rosé’s iconic blonde hair

2.3. Jisoo

Jisoo's Funko BLACKPINK showcases a trendy and fashionable ensemble featuring a single-shoulder blouse paired with platform boots and a pleated skirt. In this Funko BLACK PINK figure, the eldest member of BLACKPINK is still beautiful and graceful, exuding elegance as always.

Jisoo BLACKPINK Funko is still beautiful

Jisoo BLACKPINK Funko is still beautiful

2.4. Lisa 

Last but certainly not least, you can expand your collection with Lisa BLACKPINK Funko - our talented dancer and rapper. In this Funko BLACKPINK figurine, she can be seen wearing a blue outfit with a unique skirt, brown boots, and vibrant green nail polish.

Lisa - our talented dancer and rapper

Lisa - our talented dancer and rapper

3. What Makes Funko BLACKPINK A Must-Have For Collectors?

Funko Pop! BLACKPINK is not just a regular figure; it embodies a fusion of artistic brilliance, cultural influence, and the magnetic charisma of one of the world's most celebrated K-Pop groups. In this section, let's explore the reasons that make BLACKPINK Funko a valuable item for both collectors and K-Pop fans!

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3.1. Unique Stylized Designs

BLACK PINK Funko Pop! figures showcase a distinct and stylized design that sets them apart from the standard collectibles. Each figure is a miniature work of art, capturing the essence of the members with meticulous attention to detail.

3.2. Global K-Pop Phenomenon

BLACKPINK's influence in the global K-Pop phenomenon is undeniable. The Funko BLACKPINK collection not only celebrates the group's musical prowess but also serves as a symbol of their impact on pop culture worldwide, making these figures a significant addition to any collector's showcase.

BLACKPINK in the famous Shut Down poster and their Funko Pop! version

BLACKPINK in the famous Shut Down poster and their Funko Pop! version

3.3. Crossover of Music and Collectibles

The intersection of K-Pop and collectibles creates a unique fusion in Funko BLACKPINK. These Funko Pops aren't just collectibles; they're miniature masterpieces that bring the charisma of BLACKPINK to life in a whole new way. It's about owning a piece of the cultural zeitgeist, merging the worlds of music and tangible artistry.

To sum up, what makes BLACK PINK Funko Pop! a must-have for collectors is not just the figures themselves, but the narrative they carry. It's also a story of music, making Funko BLACKPINK a perfect addition to add a whole new rhythm to your collection.

4. Caring Tips for Your Funko BLACKPINK Collectibles

Now that you've got your hands on these fantastic Funko BLACKPINK figures, it's time to make sure they stay in top-notch condition. Here are some super easy caring tips to keep your collection looking as awesome as the day you got it:

4.1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade their colors, so find a cozy spot away from the direct sun to display your collection.

4.2. Gentle Dusting

Regularly dust your BLACKPINK Funko by using a soft, lint-free cloth or a small, soft brush. This prevents dust buildup and maintains the vibrancy of the colors.

4.3. Shelving or Display Cases

Consider investing in display cases or shelving to showcase your Funko BLACKPINK while providing an extra layer of protection.

An example of having a display case for better protection

An example of having a display case for better protection

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4.4. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

Refrain from using strong cleaning agents, as they may damage the paint and materials of your Funko Pop! BLACKPINK. Stick to mild cleaning solutions if necessary.

4.5. Stable Temperature and Humidity

Extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity can impact the materials of your figures. Keep your Funko BLACKPINK collection in a climate-controlled environment to prevent deterioration.

Taken as a whole, as you have joined us in discovering the allure of Funko BLACKPINK collectibles, it becomes clear that there is more than what meets the eye. These Funko BLACKPINK go beyond being simply must-have items for enthusiasts; they successfully blend pop culture and the joy of collecting, showcasing their enduring charm as miniature works of art.

Whether you are attracted to the vibrant beats of BLACKPINK's music or fascinated by the impressive craftsmanship of Funko's creations, these Funko Pop! BLACKPINK are not just collectibles but also gateways to a world where passion and skill come together.

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