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Green Monday’s Sale Event: Let’s upgrade Your Collection!

Green Monday’s Sale Event: Let’s upgrade Your Collection!

Get ready for an exciting holiday season ahead, as Japan Figure excitedly presents the highly anticipated Green Monday Extravaganza from December 11 to 13! In this blog post, we are excited to reveal details about a big sale event that will bring you exciting shopping opportunities with surprising promotions.

1. Special Discount up to 25% OFF

🌟 DISCOUNT up to 25% OFF

🌟 8% OFF for 10k+ products

green monday event on Japan Figure

A big sale event is coming on the Japan Figure website

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just beginning your journey, Green Monday is the perfect time to add extraordinary pieces to your collection. Explore discounts of up to 25% on our carefully curated selection of best figures and collectibles! But that's not all – we're spreading the joy with an enticing 8% OFF for every purchase from our vast array of over 10,000 products! Your dream pieces are just a click away.

2. Sail into Savings with Shipping Codes:

🚚 Save with Shipping Codes:

  • Easy Shopping $7 OFF: Use code JPFIGURE7 for orders of $200
  • Easy Shopping $10 OFF: Enter code JPFIGURE10 for orders of $250
Enter freeshipping codes to save

Enter shipping codes to save

We understand the importance of a smooth and worry-free shopping experience. That's why, for orders over $200, use code JPFIGURE7 to enjoy $7 OFF plus shipping cost saving! Elevate your savings even more with code JPFIGURE10 for $10 OFF plus shipping cost saving on orders of $250. Your collector's joy deserves to be delivered with care, to us!

3. Why Choose Japan Figure for Green Monday?

Experience your Blue Monday with Japan figures! Our commitment to fast and safe shipping ensures your collection arrives promptly and in original condition. Enjoy the thrill of saving and collecting discount codes, making Blue Monday a celebration of figure passion. Buy your favorite items at exclusive prices 

Get your Cinnamoroll plush now!
Get your Cinnamoroll plush now!

🛍️ Buy yours now! Sanrio Standard Plush Toy S Cinnamoroll - Cinnamoroll Accessories - Japanese Kids Plush Toys

4. Act Fast - Limited Time Only!

The joy of collecting is a journey and Blue Monday is a stop you don't want to miss. These incredible deals are only available for a limited time, so seize the moment, shop now and refresh your collection. Mark your calendar for DECEMBER 11-13! Don't miss out! 

Buy trading card games at an exclusive price
Buy trading card games at an exclusive price

🛍️Get your card game now! Pokémon Tcg New Fusion Arts Booster Box - SEALED

In conclusion, Japan Figure welcome all collector on Green Monday event. Our vast collection, featuring the best figures and collectibles from Japan, invites you into a collector's haven. With our commitment to global treasures and local joy, your acquisitions are ensured swift and secure delivery. Take advantage of exclusive savings on this special day, transforming your passion into an extraordinary collection. Join us at Japan Figure and make Green Monday a celebration of unforgettable joy for every collector. 

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