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Top Pokemon Gym Leaders Hardest to Beat in Each Pokemon Type Part 2

In the previous part, Japan-Figure sent you the 5 hardest Pokemon Gym Leaders to beat of 5 types respectively: Flying, Ice, Dark, Grass, and Bug. To continue this series, in the next part Japan-Figure will immediately list the remaining 7 types of Pokemon with the most difficult Gym Leaders.


Rock-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Continuing the series is a type, which is Rock-Type, with up to 4 Gym Leaders. Kanto's Brock, Hoenn's Roxanne, and Sinnoh's Roark were all the first Gym Leaders challenged by Leagues so it's clear that the difficulty they can create for players is not much. The poorest are probably Roxanne and Roark because even Hoenn and Sinnoh's fire-type Starter Pokemon can counter rock-type Pokemon. This is not the case with Brock. If the player chooses the Fire-type Starter Pokemon in the land of Kanto, the battle against Brock is also quite difficult. Grant of the Kalos Alliance is allowed to be the 2nd Gym Leader. But the Pokemon in our squad is very weak so it won't be too much of a concern.

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For the Rock-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders, Japan-Figure will choose Gordie from the land of Galar as the hardest Gym Leader to defeat. Coalossal with Steam Engine ability made it difficult for many people to fight this Gym for the first time in the game. Coalossal also possesses the ability to Gigantamax, so it is even more appreciated. So, Gordie once again brought glory to the land of Galar in general and the city of Circhester in particular because Gordie is the Gym Leader of this city in Pokemon Sword instead of the Gym Leader Melony specializing in the Ice system in Pokemon Shield.

Ground-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Although officially recognized, Ground-Type has only 2 Gym Leaders. But Alola has another island owner who specializes in this type and does not become a member of Elite 4, so it is still considered a Gym Leader. It was Hapu, the owner of Poni island of the Alola archipelago. Therefore, we will have 3 candidates: Hapu of Alola, Clay of the land of Unova, and especially Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket but also the Gym Leader of Viridian city in the game versions from the world generation 1 to generation 4.

When looking at the lineup of all 3, Clay loses too much in both quantity and quality. If in this battle, Clay could use Excadrill with the ability of Sand Force, things would have been very different. Boss Giovanni brings up to 5 Pokemon in battle, but 3 of them are very weak and have the extremely low fighting ability. Only the pair Nidoking and Nidoqueen bring a different feeling, but of course, only these 2 Pokemon can't beat the player's 6 Pokemon squads.

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With all of that, the owner of Hapu island, although not an official Gym Leader, will still receive from him the title of Ground-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders which causes the most difficulty for players. Hapu's lineup is also full of outstanding names. Besides Flygon, which is both fast and strong, the remaining 3 Pokemon belong to the group that is slow but extremely durable. Mudsdale with its exclusive ability and Z technique also makes many opponents struggle. Therefore, it is not surprising that Hapu is considered the most difficult island owner to beat in the island challenges of the Alola archipelago.

Electric-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Electric-Type is one of the types chosen by many Gym Leaders as the main type of Gym. Specifically, up to 5 Electric-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders have been introduced in 8 lands. The first is Lt. Surge of the Kanto Alliance. This will be an extremely simple match because right in the city of Vermilion there is Diglett's Cave so players can catch either Diglett or Dugtrio to counter Electric-type Pokemon. The gym, a funny old man, Wattson is also extremely simple when Magnemite and Magneton are countered very easily. The next 2 Gym Leaders are Unova's Elesa and Kalos' Clemont. In general, the lineup of these 2 Gym Leaders is not too dominant and is easily defeated by players.

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The Sinnoh League's Volkner in Pokemon Platinum is truly formidable. The lineup of 4 Pokemon is quite strong, the set of moves is extremely rich, enough to overcome nearly all threats to Volkner's squad. Volkner is also said to be on par with the Four Heavenly Kings, so he will be the most difficult Electric-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders to beat today.

Poison-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

When it comes to Poison-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders, you will think of Koga, the Gym Leader of Fuchsia city in the land of Kanto. However, Koga is only famous for his performances in anime or manga. In the Fire Red Leaf Green versions, it is too simple to defeat him if only possessing the Psychic-type Pokemon can defeat Koga easily.

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Going to the game versions related to the land of Johto, at this time, Koga was promoted to the Four Heavenly Kings, so his daughter Janine accepted the position of Gym Leader of Fuchsia city instead of her father. It seems that Janine has learned from her father's experience and brought in the newer Pokemon. Despite being countered by Psychic-type Pokemon, they can still put pressure on the opposite. With a way to poison, stun, confuse, and even bomb, Janine seems to have replaced Koga very well and made the guild match in Fuchsia City even more difficult. so many. And this is also the most difficult Poison-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders to beat in the Pokemon world up to the present time.

In addition, there are still other Poison-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders, but the strength is not significant, so I will not mention it here.

Fighting-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Up to now, there are 5 Gym Leaders specializing in Fighting-Type Pokemon. Johto League's Chuk, Hoenn League's Brawly, Pokemon Sword's Galar's Bea. Korrina of the Kalos region is a very interesting Gym Leader because of her Pokemon Lucario, but it does not appear in Gym battles.

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Because Korrina doesn't use Lucario in Gym battles, the last name Maylene of the Sinnoh Alliance is the Fighting-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders that is the hardest to beat in the Pokemon series. The match against Maylene in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl was highly specialized as all 3 of Maylene's Pokemon carried items and very clever moves. Lucario is very agile and strong and cannot be defeated by Flying-Type Pokemon. Not only that, but it also carries Big Root so if it only needs to Bulk Up successfully 1 time and then continuously use Drain Punch, it will be very difficult to defeat.

Fire-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Surely you will be surprised to know that the most popular type of the Pokemon series has only 4 Gyms. And a sadder truth is that all 4 are not Gym Leaders too hard to beat. Chili of the land of Unova can only be the owner of the club in Pokemon Black and White, but through Black 2 and White 2, he has lost his position. It is understandable for this, Chili's squad is very weak, but players also have to choose the Starting Pokemon Snivy to fight this guy.

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The rest will be Blaine of the Kanto League, Flannery of the Hoenn League, and Kabu of the Galar League. Kabu's Centiskorch has a Coil, so when this Pokemon is set up successfully, it will take a little longer to defeat them. Kabu's Centiskorch also has the Gigantamax ability, so Kabu will receive the Fire-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders award that causes the most difficulty for players.

Ghost-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Ghost-Type is rarely countered, the Pokemon of this type are almost all strong Pokemon, and especially the battles with Ghost-Type Gym often fall around the 4th or 5th gym, making many people play Pokemon games. have difficulty confronting. Ghost-Type currently has 3 Gym Leaders: Morty of Johto, Fantina of Sinnoh, and Allister of Galar. The match with Morty is only the 4th guild match of the player in the land of Johto, but in the starting lineup, there is a Pokemon in the 3rd evolved form, Gengar, the rest are Levitate and Curse.

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Also the 4th Gym, but in the land of Galar, Allister is not inferior to his elder brother when in the squad there is Gengar who can Gigantamax. This boy's squad looks small and cute, but in fact, the danger is much higher than Morty's squad. But the discomfort Allister could cause was still nothing compared to Fantina. Normally, Fantina would be the 5th Gym Leader that the player would challenge in Sinnoh. But in Pokemon Platinum, the fight with Fantina was pushed to the 3rd guild match with a huge lineup. At the time of fighting Fantina in Pokemon Platinum, most players didn't have a strong enough squad to easily overtake her. Therefore, the position of Ghost-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders that is the hardest to beat belongs to Fantina.

End part 2 of Top Pokemon Gym Leaders series Hardest To Beat In Each Pokemon Type with 7 types: Rock, Ground, Electric, Poison, Fire, Fighting, Ghost. Japan-Figure chose the names above based on the difficulty of Pokemon games. If you find another Gym Leader harder to beat than the above names, please share with Japan-Figure.

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