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Top Pokemon Gym Leaders Hardest to Beat in Each Pokemon Types - Part 1

Pokemon Gym Leader has always been a terror to Pokemon trainers. In order to be recognized for their ability and participate in the major tournaments organized by the Pokemon Federation, the trainer must be recognized for his ability by defeating the Pokemon Gym Leaders. Throughout the Pokemon series, there are many Leaders who are a Pokemon Trainer's "nightmare". In this article, Japan-Figure will summarize the Pokemon Gym Leader hardest to beat in each gen.


The Pokemon Gym Leader is the highest-ranking member of a Pokemon Gym. The main job of the Pokemon Gym Leader is to test the ability of Pokemon Trainers and their Pokemon companions. Usually, the test of ability will be done with a Pokemon battle. The reward for the winning Trainer is the Gym badge, which is used to certify that the Trainer and Pokemon are qualified to participate in larger Pokemon competitions.

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Usually, the Pokemon Gym Leader will choose one of the 18 types of Pokemon to be the main system for the Gym. From there, develop the Pokemon in the best and most intensive direction. Build a suitable digital environment for Pokemon of the respective system: Misty with a Water-Type Gym with a swimming pool in the Gym and Rock with an environment suitable for Rock-Type Pokemon. In addition, Gyms also recruit more disciples/students to study Pokemon of the same type. They will be trained on how to fight with that type of Pokemon.


There has not been any confirmed evidence about the conditions and how to become a Pokemon Gym Leader. Across generations of Pokemon, each Gym Leader seems to have a different story. Correspondingly, the way to achieve a leadership position is also different. A small number of people achieve the position of Leader through being appointed by the Pokemon Federation, the organization that has the highest authority on Pokemon in the series.

Others gain their position through inheritance from the previous generation in the family. Pokemon Gym Leaders like Jaine, Falkner,... are examples of inheritance. Besides, some others established their own Pokemon Gym and claimed the position of Gym Leader. A special thing is that one person can take the position of Leader in many Gyms.


Flying-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Up to now, there have appeared 3 Flying-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders. In this list, respectively: Falkner of the Johto alliance, Winona of Hoenn, and Skyla of Unova. In this group of 3 Gym Leaders, Japan-Figure will choose Winona from Fortree City in the Hoenn region as the strongest Flying-Type Pokemon Gym Leader.

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Winona is the sixth Gym Leader to be fought in the Hoenn region. Known as "Bird User Taking Flight Into the World", she is the curator of the Gym in Fortree City and specializes in Flying-Type Pokemon.

In the Anime series, Ash had a fierce battle with Winona at the Sky High Gym Battle. In the match, Ash had to use 3 Pokemon to get a narrow victory over Winona. However, this is not the point for Winona to become the most difficult Flying-Type Pokemon Gym Leader to defeat.

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Winona appears particularly “strong” in the latest edition of Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire. Winona's Pokemon are Swellow, Pelipper, Skarmory, and Altaria. 3 Pokemon Swellow, Pelipper, and Skarmory all have the common characteristic of being very afraid of Electric-Type Pokemon. Their skill sets are also completely unremarkable if the player uses Electric-Type Pokemon to participate in the competition. The highlight that makes Winona become the strongest Gym Leader of Flying-Type is Altaria. Most Electric-Type Pokemons are the greatest of the Flying-Type Gym Leaders, and only Winona's Altaria has an Earthquake against the Electric-Type. Although Altaria is not afraid of electricity and the Earthquake used by this Pokemon will not hurt, it can also be seen as something that makes players hesitate. In fact, Winona's Altaria in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire is even scarier when it comes to Dragon Dance. Therefore, this Pokemon has the potential to go out speed, and Earthquake will also always be ready to K.O all Pokemon Electric-Type Pokemon of the player. Therefore, Japan-Figure will choose Winona as the Flying-Types Pokemon Gym Leader that is the most difficult to defeat the Flying-Type.

Ice-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Next up are the Ice-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders: Johto's Pryce, Sinnoh's Candice, Unova's Brycen, Kalos' Wulfric, and Galar's Melony. Among them is a special case of Brycen when he was only a Gym Leader in Pokemon Black and White. Out of these, Japan-Figure will pick Melony of the Galar region as the hardest Ice-Type Pokemon Gym Leader to defeat.

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In the Anime series, although there is not much acting space, Melony also shows her "difficulty" when known as the only Gym Leader who has ever defeated Raihan, who is said to be the strongest Gym Leader in the Galar League.

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In the game, Melony is something too different from other Ice-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders. The 4 Pokemon that she chose for the team to compete with are all very strong names of the land of Galar. The ability of Darmanitan (Zen Mode) and Eiscue (Ice Face) is also very special. The moves are diverse in type and ready to counter the opposites of the respective enemies for each system. This makes Melony a difficult Gym Leader for many players who only follow one type. However, she only appears in Pokemon Shield.

Dark-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Dark-type Pokemon are very unpopular with the Pokemon League as they are usually used by evil organizations. Perhaps that's why until now, only Piers of the Galar League is the only Dark-Type Gym Leader ever introduced. Even Piers doesn't have a decent Gym, so this guy can be considered the poorest Gym Leader in the Pokemon world. And of course, this Gym's Gym Leader will become the most difficult Dark-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders to beat because he's the only one.

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Grass-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

To date, 5 Grass-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders have been introduced in anime, manga, and games. They are respectively: Cilan from Unova, Milo of the Galar alliance, Ramos of the Kalos region, Erika of the Kanto region, and Gardenia of the Sinnoh region. In which, Japan-Figure selected Gardenia of Sinnoh region as the most difficult Grass-Type Pokemon Gym Leader to defeat.

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Gardenia first appeared in the anime while catching a wild Gloom. However, she is still relatively clumsy in combat but still leaves a very good impression on viewers.

The power of Gardenia is truly revealed in Pokemon Platinum. Her Pokemon lineup includes Turtwig, Cherrim, and Roserade. They are Pokemon that possess enough 2 factors to gain an advantage in the main battle: controlling the weather and creating beneficial effects. Turtwig has Sunny Day that helps Cherrim transform into Sunshine Form and increase her stats so it's huge. Roserade has never been underestimated in combat. Gardenia's Turtwig also has to Reflect ready to somewhat increase the team's resistance to Fire-Type Pokemon. With this lineup, the Gardenia of the Sinnoh region is the most difficult Grass-Type Pokemon Gym Leader to defeat.

Bug-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Coming to the Bug-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders, we will have the following candidates: Bugsy from Johto, Burgh from Unova, and Viola from Kalos. Although they really don't want to, these Gym Leaders do not really excel in the Gym Leader position, whether it's anime, manga, or game. However, for Bug-Type, Japan-Figure will rely on the stats of Pokemon and the lineup in the game to choose the best candidate for the position of Bug-Type Pokemon Gym Leader which is the hardest to beat.

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Possibly because it is the first Gym Leader that the player will challenge in the land of Kalos, Viola only brings 2 Pokemon, Surskit and Vivillon, to the match. Although possessing quite good speed, the moves of these 2 Pokemon do not create difficulty for players. Sharing the same problem with Viola is Bugsy when she re-selected for her squad Metapod and Kakuna with each Pokemon carrying only 1 move. As for the main Pokemon Scyther, it only has a U-turn and Quick Attack to deal damage, so this is also a match that players can easily overcome.

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Although I don't really want to, perhaps the most difficult Bug-Type Pokemon Gym Leader position to defeat will belong to Burgh from the Unova region. This guy's lineup in Pokemon Black and White is not really too good when Whirlipede and Leavanny both have quite a few weaknesses. In particular, the main Pokemon Leavanny has up to 2 systems that deal 4 times as much damage. The last member is Dwebble thanks to 2 types, Bug and Rock, so it is resistant to fire-type and flying-type, so it also helps Burgh gain an advantage over the other 2 Bug-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders.

End of part one of the "Top Pokemon Gym Leaders Hardest to Beat in Each Pokemon Types" series with 5 types: Flying, Ice, Dark, Grass, and Bug. If you find any Pokemon Gym Leader extremely difficult to overcome while playing the game, don't forget to share with Japan-Figure. Don't forget, to visit the Japan-Figure Online Store to find and buy genuine Pokemon products at extremely attractive prices.

Japan Figure provides authentic figures manufactured in Japan.

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