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KOTOBUKIYA Frame Arms Frame Artist Hatsune Miku Plastic Model

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Precio original $53.33
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Product Details:

The Frame Music Girl "Hatsune Miku" has been turned into a robot by Kotobukiya, mixing it with their "Frame Arms" series. This new version is called "Frame Artist Hatsune Miku" and is designed based on the original Hatsune Miku figure, but with new features by designer Takayuki Yanase. It features a unique design that's different from previous Frame Arms models.

The figure is colored in green and white, and it's easy to assemble thanks to its multi-color kit. It matches the colors of the previously released Hatsune Miku model, allowing them to be combined. The set includes two types of faces: a mechanical one and a normal one, with detailed printing. There's also a mechanical head and one with detailed hair. The twin tails are adjustable and can even show verniers like jets. Accessories include a microphone and stand. The skirt moves for more leg movement, and it comes with various hands that can swap with other Frame Arms Girl models. Decals for extra detail and holes for adding parts from other series are also part of the package.