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The Most Useless Gadgets Of Doraemon That You May Not Know

Doraemon is one of the most watched movies of all time. The film revolves around the story of Doraemon (a robotic cat from the future) and adventures with his friends. Doraemon with countless gadgets has magical uses to help his friend Nobita in difficult circumstances. However, besides gadgets that are extremely useful when solving problems for Nobita, this robot cat also has many "extremely useless" gadgets. In this article, Japan-Figure will summarize the names of these gadgets with you. Let's see how many of these you know.


General introduction

Doraemon (Japanese: ドラえもん [doɾaemoɴ]) is a Japanese manga series written by Fujiko F. Fujio from December 1969 to April 1996 in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic magazine. A total of 821 chapters were selected and packaged into 45 tankōbon volumes under the Tentōmushi Comics imprint also published by Shogakukan; manga has been translated and published in many languages around the world including Vietnamese by Kim Dong Publishing House.

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The series content tells about the unfortunate life of the boy Nobita and the robotic cat Doraemon from the future who come to help the boy's life become better. The work has been adapted into an anime three times: first produced by Nippon TV Dōga with 52 episodes broadcast on Nippon TV from April 1 to September 30, 1973; the second was produced by Shin-Ei Animation with 1787 episodes and aired from April 2, 1979 to March 18, 2005 on TV Asahi and the third was also produced by Shin-Ei Animation and aired on TV Asahi from April 15, 2005. 2005 to present. The work has also been adapted into other media such as movies and video games.

With more than 170 million copies sold worldwide, Doraemon is considered one of the most popular and successful manga series of all time. Praised by many critics and experts, several famous mangakas say that Doraemon inspired their work, such as Oda Eiichirō, Kishimoto Masashi and Takahashi Rumiko.

Main content

Doraemon is a robotic cat sent by Nobi Sewashi (Nobi Nobito), Nobi Nobita's five-year-old grandson, from the 22nd century back to his grandfather's past to help Nobita become progressive and rich, which means also improving. the situation of Nobita's descendants later. In the present, Nobita is a boy who always failed in school, and then the company went bankrupt, failed at work, pushed his family and descendants later into debt.

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The stories in Doraemon often have a common theme, which is around the trouble that often happens to the fifth grade boy Nobita, the second main character of the series. Doraemon has a magic bag in front of his stomach with all kinds of future treasures. The most common storyline would be Nobita coming home crying over the trouble he had at school or with his friends. After being begged or urged by the boy, Doraemon will offer a treasure to help Nobita solve his problems, either to get revenge or to brag to his friends. Nobita will often go too far from Doraemon's original intentions, even with new treasures he is in bigger trouble than before. Sometimes Nobita's friends, usually Honekawa Suneo or Goda Takeshi (Jaian), steal the treasures and misuse them. However, often at the end of each story, those who misuse gadgets will have to suffer the consequences of their actions, and readers will learn from that.


1. Voice Thickener

It is a light pink potion with the special effect of freezing the user's sounds and words. Just take a sip and speak, and the words will immediately come out of your mouth at a speed of 340m/s. The damage ability of "speech" after taking this medicine is enough to defeat both the giant robot bird in Nobita and the winged warriors. However, it will be very inconvenient to use in daily life because you always have to talk to other people and it will accidentally hurt them. So, except when you need to attack someone, if you use this gadget every day, you will injure others and break things around unnecessarily.

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2. The Bad Luck Diamond

The diamond was designed by Japanese scientists in the 22nd century (2116) based on the diamond of the Azuchi-Momoyama period. It was finally completed in May 2118 after 2 years of design and testing. However, the main effect of this gadget is to bring misfortune to the owner. It is because of this function that it is included as Doraemon's most useless gadget.

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3. Jigen Baka Dan - Minigame

This widget acts as a miniature version of a ticking time bomb. The only difference with the gadget is that instead of destroying everything, when it explodes it stimulates the victim's nervous system, making them a joke for a short time. Therefore, this gadget is only useful when used to cause chaos in attacks. As for the group of friends of Doraemon and Nobita, it is completely useless.

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4. Odd Umbrella

This Gadget used to appear when Doraemon and Nobita picked up their father from work when it was raining. This umbrella demonstrates its useless ability when opened to create rain even though it is an umbrella itself. And perhaps because of this, it is classified by Nobita and Doraemon as a useless gadget and has never been seen to be used properly in any episode.

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5. Footprint Checker Spray

This Gadget has the ability to help track down perpetrators or prey if they leave footprints. However, this is also its uselessness if not used properly. If you use this gadget to check the footprint, the person who left the footprint will appear and do exactly what he did when he left the footprint. And once Nobita used it on a giant elephant footprint, the elephant appeared and attacked Nobita.

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6. Jack-In-The-Box Stick

This Gadget has completely useless functionality. Stick will turn everything it touches into a "scare box", more precisely, when you open it, an object will fly out as if you were opening a real scare box. It will certainly scare the person who opens it. After opening it, it will return to normal. However, a scare box is easy to recognize, so no one would be as foolish to open this box as Nobita's friends.

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7. Human Manufacturing Machine

This Gadget is a remarkable achievement of the future when it is possible to create babies without the intervention of biology and medicine. Users only need to choose the model of the newborn they like and then speak this model into the walkie-talkie connected to the machine. At that time, the machine will conduct data analysis and output materials within a minimum of 1 minute, the more material the sample requires, the longer the analysis process. After having all the necessary materials, the user will put the materials into the machine. Finally, push the trigger to operate the processing of ingredients and turn the knob to combine the organs, then the ingredients will enter the vegetative chamber and gather together at the end of the electromagnetic wire. After a period of 10-20 minutes, the newborn will become asexual. However, humans could not control the babies created by this machine so Nobita created a big problem when he decided to mass-produce babies with machines.

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8. Truth Doll

When holding this doll-shaped gadget, the doll will speak out for the owner on behalf of all the thoughts in her heart. It is a fact that telling the truth is a good thing. However, too much truth will cause unnecessary trouble. Specifically, Nobita's group of friends have encountered many problems with this gadget.

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9. Happiness Cards

This Gadget is a 52-card deck, just like a normal deck, in which there are 51 lucky cards and 1 extremely unlucky card. Although the deck can grant wishes, if unfortunately not able to push the deck to another person before reaching the Joker card, all deadly calamities will befall the owner of the deck. And when that's really something scary when the owner can only get rid of the Joker when someone else really wants the deck. The collection of stories that appear on this gadget has brought a lot of fear to viewers.

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10. Resignation Carrot

This Gadget has a very powerful and dangerous use, but it does not bring any benefit to the user. It is in the shape of a checkered bag with 3 small carrots inside. Anyone who eats these carrots will immediately want to give up all their jobs and passions. For example, when Jaian ate it, he gave up his dream of becoming a singer in an extreme way. Therefore, this is one of the indispensable gadgets when it comes to Top Useless Gadgets.

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Above are the top 10 most useless Doraemon Gadgets that Japan-Figure has selected to send to readers. How many of these do you know? Please comment to share more of your interesting experiences about Doraemon.


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