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As a lover of anime products, do you know what anime is and where it comes from? In this article, Japan-Figure will send you interesting information about anime that even longtime fans of the genre may not know exactly. At the same time, Japan-Figure will quickly summarize the most popular and most fancied anime titles ever. Readers note: There is no arrangement of fans of the anime titles mentioned in the article.


Anime is an English word, rewritten based on the word animation, which means talking about cartoons and movie characters drawn by hand or through computer software. The word Anime read in Japanese will be transliterated as “アニメ”. In Japan, the word Anime means talking about animated movies. Or you can understand another meaning, it's an animated film produced by Japan or a Japanese cartoon.

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The content of Anime is often very diverse and the characters are also very lively, the colors of the cartoon are very beautiful and attractive. Usually, the eyes of the characters in Anime are very big and lovely. This is the hallmark of Japanese Anime movies. Many young people have imitated the images of characters in Anime stories to draw pictures similar to the stories. This is the anime chibi trend.


Japanese animated films were produced in 1917. And later, the Anime genre began to become more popular in the 1970s. The first Japanese anime cartoon was Astro Boy. And this is also the beginning of the Otaku movement and is maintained until today. Over a long period of development, the anime film genre has had many significant changes. Anime themes are extremely rich and can be specific to many audiences.

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While some people think that Japanese comics are influenced by western stories, Japan is the first country to specialize in drawing humorous comics with high caricatures. Today, the famous anime production company in Japan is Ghibli. They have released many famous Anime cartoons such as My neighbor Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies, etc.

Another interesting statistic shows that the number of Japanese anime films accounts for nearly 65% of the total number of cartoons worldwide. It's a pretty impressive number, isn't it?


Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is one of the cult anime series associated with the childhood of many people. The main content of the Dragon Ball anime series is about a boy with a monkey's tail named Goku who is found by an old man living alone in the forest, the old man considers the baby as his grandson. One day Goku ran into a girl named Bulma on his way home from fishing, and together, Goku and Bulma searched for the seven dragon balls. The seven dragon balls contain a secret that can summon a dragon and grant wishes to whoever possesses them.

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On their long journey to find the Dragon Balls, they meet friends and legendary gladiators as well as many demons. They go through hardships and learn special martial arts moves to compete in the annual world martial arts congress. In addition, Goku and his friends also have to deal with evil forces in the world and on other planets.

One Piece

If you regularly follow anime, you will be no stranger to the One Piece anime series. This is a popular animated series by author Eiichiro Oda, loved by many Japanese and international anime fans.

The main content of this hit anime is about the journey of a boy-Luffyto become the New Pirate King. During his journey, Luffy befriended many people, with them forming the Straw Hat Pirates.

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He and his comrades fought and overcame all hardships to reach the Grand Line. This is both an extremely dangerous sea and the place where the world's greatest treasure is stored - One Piece. This treasure will help him realize his dream of becoming the New Pirate King.

Not only has fierce and dry battles, but One Piece also interweaves many humanistic details, the meaning of friendship and life. This is what makes this anime interesting.

Attack on Titan

Hundreds of years ago, humanity was almost destroyed by the Titan - a giant creature, without intelligence, and worst of all, it seemed that they devoured humans just for fun, not for survival needs. The few surviving humans have defended themselves by locking themselves in a city surrounded by towering walls. For decades, members of the Reconnaissance Corps were the only group of people who dared to leave those walls of safety in search of information about the Titans.

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After witnessing Titan eat his mother, the main character Eren Jaeger swore to kill all Titans, avenging his family. He volunteered to join the Reconnaissance Corps - the only group of people who left the safe area to learn information about Titan and protect the wall.

One day, a giant Titan appeared and destroyed the entire wall. The Titans quickly swarmed in, devouring anyone they met. And from here, the fierce battle between Titan and humanity officially begins. The type of person who not only hides behind a wall but stands up strongly against the Titan.


The mysterious murder cases in the closed room always stimulate anyone's curiosity. What is the killer's method of killing that leaves no trace behind? Who will be the killer of innocent people? What is the killer's motive? No matter how difficult it is, Detective Conan can easily solve it.

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Conan anime series was produced in 1996, in the genre of detective, a comedy by author Aoyama Gosho. Not only solving mysterious cases, but the main character Conan also has to learn about the Black Organization. This organization poisoned him and shrunk his body like a child. He took the name Edogawa Conan and assisted detective Mori in solving many cases, exposing the culprit.

With cases and unexpected endings, the famous Detective Conan anime always makes viewers feel curious and loved by both adults and children.

Naruto and Naruto Shippūden

Naruto is a popular anime series adapted from manga of the same name by Kishimoto Masashi. The film tells about the battles of the shinobi world with ninjas possessing full of ninjutsu.

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The main character of the story is the boy Naruto who has been sealed with the Nine-Tails in him since he was born, so he is shunned by the whole village. However, the hyperactive teenager is still enthusiastic about helping others and dreams of becoming Hokage to be recognized by everyone. The main story follows Naruto and his friends' growth and progress as ninjas, and emphasizes their relationship and the influence of the past on their personalities.

Although it ended many years ago, fans of the boy Naruto still look forward to the movies about the next generation of Naruto, the Boruto anime series.

Kimetsu no Yaiba

As an anime of the historical fiction genre, Kimetsu no Yaiba attracts viewers with its beautiful drawing style and meaningful and humane content. This is a work produced by the studio team ufotable - the team that has succeeded with two anime series Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/Zero.

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The anime's setting is during the Taishō period when demons were a threat to human life. Demons never reveal their identity because they do not live under the sun and the demon lord Kibutsuji Muzan needs to expand his power, unable to reveal his identity.

After his father passed away, the main character Tanjiro became the breadwinner of the family, earning money to support his mother and younger brother. One day, he went down the mountain to sell coal for money and stayed at an acquaintance's house, but an unfortunate incident happened. When he returned the next morning, everyone was murdered and only his sister Nezuko was still breathing. But then, Nezuko was poisoned, turning into a demon. It was because of this tragedy that started Tanjiro's demon-slaying journey. The boy is on his way to becoming a demon slayer and finding a way to cure his sister.

Sword Art Online

In 2022, the Multiplayer Online Virtual Reality RPG – VRMMORPG Sword Art Online (SAO) was first launched. 10000 people log into "Sword Art Online" without knowing that if their character dies in the game, they will also die in real life and they can't get out of this place until they reach the 100th floor of the game tower and defeat the final boss.

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It happened when Kirito entered the game alone intending to reach the top floor to clear the game. Later, Kirito accepted an invitation to befriend a female swordsman named Asuna, and fought side by side. This fateful meeting opened the next series of fascinating stories…

Fairy Tail

Anime Fairy Tail, written by Mashima Hiro, is always considered one of the most popular manga for teenagers today. This is also the name of a very powerful magus guild in Fiore, known for destroying everything.

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The story begins when Lucy Heartfilia ran away from home to go on an adventure and happened to meet Natsu, then joined the Fairy Tail wizard guild and became the team of Natsu Dragneel and the other members of the guild.


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