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🔥 Over 10,000 items on sale, save up to $10 with codes JPWITHLOVE1, JPFIGURE7, JPFIGURE10

Buy Authentic Merchandise On Japanese Anime Online Store

The Japanese Anime online store appears more and more with a variety of goods and models. Therefore, anime devotees, otaku, can easily buy the products they like through these online stores without spending as much time as before. Especially, for otaku who have a busy daily life, shopping for anime merchandise online becomes more convenient. However, another problem arises when many online Japanese anime stores are appearing and offering variety but with little regard for quality. In this article, Japan-Figure will bring you the top … Japanese anime online store has the highest reputation and has little (or never) to worry about buying fake, non-genuine brands.


A Japanese anime physical store is usually a store licensed to trade exclusive anime items of certain brands, anime, manga, and game manufacturers. Products ranging from posters, banners, accessories, and figures, ... are all related to the anime/manga/game that the store has the right to do business in. A physical anime store has a business premise and a specific address where customers can shop directly.

Japanese anime online store Japan Figure

Unlike the physical anime store, a Japanese online store can offer exclusive rights or a wide variety of anime, manga, and game brand merchandise. A Japanese anime online store can have a physical store and an online store. Many businesses have cut physical store costs to be able to return more incentives to customers.


The Japanese anime online stores are similar to the anime physical stores in terms of product lines. This is also the place where most of the anime merchandise is concentrated. The products are popular with anime fans. Let's take a look at some of the outstanding products sold in the anime online store.


Most otakus go to the anime store to be able to own genuine anime products. Among them, the special and limited edition manga is one of the most sought-after products by otaku in recent years. Therefore, many anime online stores have also added the manga industry as one of their main products. The familiar names like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto,... or the hottest series in 2022 are constantly updated at these online anime stores.

Japanese anime online store Japan Figure

Anime figures

It can be said that anime figures in particular or figures, in general, are a long-standing hobby of many people. Anime figures are produced 3D representations of characters from anime that have been or are currently being shown. These anime figures are gathered together and form a separate merchandise category and are sold by many companies. These figures come in different varieties with mostly PVC materials. Quality and durability also vary in each type.

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Agatsuma Zenitsu Demon Slayer anime Figure Japan-Figure

The selling price of these anime figures usually ranges from several hundred dollars. Rare or limited anime figures can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars, but they are hard to find in regular stores in the market. Collectors and otaku may have to hunt around at anime online stores that specialize in pre-ordering genuine figures in order to get special figure versions of their favorite characters.

Trading cards

The Trading cards are decks of cards with content based on popular anime such as PokemonYu-Gi-Oh!,, etc. The trading cards are loved by fans of the series' particular anime classic movie - Pokemon. Each deck usually has different rules and ways of playing. It makes the owner feel like really living in the anime world.

Anime store Japan-Figure

Today's trading cards are very diverse in materials. The selling price of trading cards ranges from a few dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. This is also one of the main products of many anime online stores today.

Anime plush

These plushes are produced based on the looks of anime characters. Genuine anime plush products usually have stronger seams. The quality of fabric and cotton is also better than non-genuine products, enhancing their durability and making them compatible with the selling price.

Japanese anime online store Japan Figure

This can be considered a difficult product to distinguish between real and fake. Therefore, when shopping for anime plush products, it is necessary to give priority to buying at reputable anime online stores to ensure you buy the best products.

Cosplay clothes

Many anime online stores specialize in selling clothes for the hobby of cosplaying characters. The products are designed based on a certain character model and are very popular with otaku. However, because it is a product used to wear on yourself, it is very important to evaluate the quality and buy genuine products.

Japanese anime online store Japan Figure

Genuine products are usually of high quality, with stronger seams than those sewn by ordinary tailors. Therefore, deciding which anime online store to buy genuine cosplay clothes is often very difficult. You can rely on reviews from previous customers before making a decision to buy cosplay clothes, although sometimes the price on the anime online store can be much cheaper than the physical store.


1. Animate Online Shop(アニメイト)

Japanese anime online store Japan Figure

Specializing in selling: Anime discs, models, small accessories...

It can be said that Animate is the most famous anime store both inside and outside of Japan. Animate has multiple physical stores, and each store usually has a slightly different layout. However, overall, the Animate brand still brings the highest trust value to consumers. The products here are highly appreciated in terms of quality. Besides, Animate has a wide variety of items from anime figures to keychains with characters. There are also some exclusive products available only at Animate.

Not only that, but Anime also has an online store that specializes in providing genuine items. The online store has 2 languages: Japanese and English. Shoppers can shop at Animate online store with peace of mind because the quality will be similar to shopping at the physical store.

2. Toranoana

Japanese anime online store Japan Figure

Specializing in selling: Doujinshi

Toranoana is the ultimate online store to find rare products, especially Doujinshi (fan-drawn stories). Of course, this site sells popular comics on the market, but Toranoana's core is still to promote the kind of stories that readers draw. You can find many unique fan-drawn versions of your favorite anime here. Toranoana online store supports both Japanese and English to make shopping more convenient. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that Toranoana includes adult stories R-18, so you need to "take precautions" when shopping in crowded places.

3. AmiAmi (あみあみ)

Japanese anime online store Japan Figure

Specializing in selling: cheap Anime & Manga accessories

AmiAmi is the most famous anime online store for Anime & Manga accessories. All anime fans in Japan know this site. AmiAmi specializes in selling small to large figures, plush keychains, and other adorable accessories. A special feature of AmiAmi is that there are daily discounts for almost all products, and always updated with the latest products. The delivery fee is also fixed at 500 yen. Therefore, most anime fans love to shop at this anime online store.

4. MANDARAKE (まんだらけ)

Japanese anime online store Japan Figure

Specializing in selling: everything related to anime, Japanese idols,...

Mandarake was established in 1987 as a store at the Nakano Stage and is still operating today. This is one of the largest chain stores in Japan and is very popular with otaku and tourists alike. Located right in the middle of the bustling Akihabara street in Tokyo, the Mandarake store is an 8-storey building and inside is a world of anime from cosplay accessories to retro games.

Most of the products in the store are uploaded to Mandarake's online store. Used toys, manga series, idol products, and thousands of other products. If you're looking for rare items, use the original Japanese site. The English site will have fewer options.


Japanese anime online store Japan Figure

Specializing in selling: Doujinshi, handmade products

This BOOTH site, like the Toranoana above, specializes in selling all kinds of Doujinshi stories and their products. You can also find strange, unique sides of recent up-and-coming mangakas.

One great thing about BOOTH is that almost every product is made by hand. This means that if you shop here, the item is unique and has a superior quality to the machine-molded item. Because it is handmade, the number of products will be limited, so you have to be quick to get what you want.

6. Japan-Figure

authentic anime figures Japan-Figure

Specializing in selling: Anime Figure, Anime TCG Card, Game,...

Japan-Figure is an anime online store that sells genuine anime products. You can find everything from trendiest items to limited editions or pre-orders here. The way to purchase is extremely simple with convenient payment methods. You can make online payments in case you don't have a lot of cash with you.

Besides, Japan-Figure is also an information and discussion site about anime, manga, and the products surrounding it. You can also ask questions about products available on Japan-Figure's online store for direct support.

Above are the top 6 Japanese anime online stores specializing in selling genuine and quality products. If you know of any other online stores that specialize in selling similar products, don't hesitate to share them with Japan-Figure and anime fans.


Japan Figure provides authentic figures manufactured in Japan.

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