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Top 2 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold!

A large number of Pokémon Cards have been released since the early days of Pokémon launch. Until now, Pokémon cards have become an indispensable part for fans of the Pokémon anime series. Almost all the kids who've loved this anime series have had at least one Pokémon Card for themselves. In this article, Japan-Figure will continue to refer to Pokémon cards. Learn with Japan-Figure a few notes for Pokémon card players that are the top 2 rarest and most expensive cards ever.


Pokémon cards are cards designed based on the extremely popular anime, Pokémon. The cards are divided into 3 types including:

- Energy card: Energy cards are cards to increase energy with an Energy symbol drawing. This is a card used to increase the energy of Pokémon corresponding to the attribute printed on the card during the battle.

Japanese Pokemon TCG Card Japan-Figure

- Trainer cards: Trainer cards are cards that support players with different types of abilities. There are many trainer cards that are required to ban or limit appearing in Pokémon TCG matches because their abilities are too special.

Japanese Pokemon TCG Card Japan-Figure

- Character cards: Character cards are cards which have Pokémon printed on them. These are the Pokémon throughout the movie like Pikachu or the legendary Pokémon that rarely appear such as Mewtwo and Mew. The cards are all assigned their own stats and different abilities. The strength of the deck and the cards will depend on the player.

Japanese Pokémon TCG Card Japan-Figure

In addition, Pokémon Cards are also one of the Pokémon-related products that are loved by many collectors who are fans of anime. Collectors are willing to spend their time and energy searching for their favorite or most expensive or rarest cards,... Pokémon card collectors, come to Japan-Figure to see how many percent of the rarest and most expensive cards that you owned below.

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As a fan of Pokémon anime and Pokémon games, Pokémon TCG definitely cannot be ignored. This is a game that allows you to experience real-life Pokémon battles with your friends. Here's how to start playing Pokémon TCG (Pokémon Trading Card Game).

Things you need to know when playing Pokémon cards

This is the preparation step that anyone needs to do before starting the game. If the player does not know these things, it is very easy to break the rules of the game.

1. Shuffle: Your deck must have more than 25 cards and be shuffled thoroughly. 1/4 or 1/3 of a Pokémon deck should be Energy cards.

2. Take 7 cards from the top of the deck and place them face down.

3. Take more 6 cards but do not view their contents. And then turning these Pokémon cards face down on one side. These are the player bonus cards.

4. Set the rest of the Pokémon deck aside. Usually the deck should be in your right hand, facing the bonus deck. The discard pile will be next to the deck.

5. Find the character card among the 7 cards taken in step 2. If there are no character cards in these 7 cards, put these 7 cards back into the deck. The player needs to shuffle and then take another 7 cards. Every time you put 7 cards back into the deck, the opposing player takes 1 more card.

6. In this step, the player will choose 1 Pokémon ready to fight. Place that card in the battle zone, 5 to 7 centimeters ahead of the player. If you have more than 1 character card you can put them face down in a line below the battle card and in the same field. These cards will be treated as backup cards. Each match, the player can place up to 5 cards in these reserve positions.

7. Withdraw 6 bonus cards. Put the stack of cards aside, face down without looking at the contents of the cards. Each time you eliminate an opponent's Pokémon, get a bonus card. Whoever gets all the bonus cards first is the winner. The fewer bonus cards, the faster the game goes.

8. Perform a coin toss to decide who plays first. The first player will not be able to attack.

9. The game will end when the winner is found. The winner is the one who flips all the bonus cards or kills the Pokémon character cards in the opponent's battle zone or leaves the opponent with no cards to fight.

A few recommendation tips for the starter Pokémon cards player

- If you have a strong Pokémon to combine with the cards, send out a weak Pokémon first so that the strong one doesn't get hurt during the necessary extra mana.

Japanese Pokemon Card Japan-Figure

- Always be aware of the types of advantages/disadvantages to turn them to your advantage.

- Use items to restore energy.

- You should try to collect at least 10-18 Trainer cards. They can help you remove damage marks, take less injuries, and much more!

- If you lose a Pokémon, don't get angry. That only makes you more distracted in the game.

- Join groups about Pokémon to exchange and meet more friends. Maybe you'll learn more from your friends and competitors there.

A few warnings to Pokémon Card players

If you are a person who really loves Pokémon, you should bring an optimistic spirit, exchange and learn when starting a match. Anime Pokémon, Pokémon games, Pokémon cards are born for the purpose of making you happier and more cheerful. Therefore, if a Pokémon battle is too difficult for you, you should just collect and create the card collection. If you are a true fan of Pokémon, make sure that you can do these things.

Japanese Pokemon Card Japan-Figure


1. Pikachu Illustrator - $900,000 on February 2022

Japanese Pokemon Card Japan-Figure

Until now, Pikachu Illustrator is the most valuable Pokémon card in the world. Nowaday, this card also holds the position of the rarest card ever released.

Pikachu Illustrator is a prize for the winners of an advertisement contest in 1997 and 1998 organized by Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic. 39 official copies were given to the winners. After that, Yuichi Konno discovered 2 more copies in 2020. Until now, there are only 41 real Pokémon Illustrator cards around the world. Additionally, there are 23 copies of Pikachu Illustrator cards that have been certified by the PSA with the goal of bringing back the rare Pokémon cards.

This is the rarest of the Pokémon cards. This card has the words "Illustrator" instead of "Trainer" like other cards released later. The lower right corner of the card has a pen symbol to recognize creativity in the design competition. The card’s artwork of Pikachu is designed by illustrator Atsuko Nishida, the original designer of the fan-favorite Pokémon.

The Japanese text on the card reads: “We confirm that your illustration was an excellent entry in the Pokémon card game illustration competition. We therefore declare you an officially authorized Pokémon Card illustrator and admire your skills."

In February 2022, a copy of Near Mint 7's Pikachu Illustrator was auctioned for up to $900,000. This is the highest price ever paid for a Pokémon card at a public auction. Because of this, Pikachu Illustrator became the most valuable and expensive Pokémon card of all time. Surely any Pokémon collector or fan wants to see Pikachu Illustrator once, right?

2. 1999 First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard

Japanese Pokemon Card Japan-Figure

Shiny Charizard was one of the most collectible and extremely popular Pokémon cards when it was first released. In 1999, this could be said to be one of the cards that everyone had. More than 20 years have passed, new Pokémon cards have been released with a variety and richness, however, Shiny Charizard still holds a certain place in the hearts of fans.

Unlike other cards, the Shiny Charizard that Japan-Figure mentions is one of the extremely rare cards due to a manufacturing defect. An error in the printing process caused this Pokémon card to have no shadow underneath Charizard's feet. Cards in the next production will have this typographical error corrected. However, that is what makes the card so rare.

The Shadowless Charizard Card has sold for $363,000 and is claimed by Goldin Auctions to be the highest paid for a Pokémon card after Pikcahu Illustrator.

Here are a few things that Japan-Figure wants to keep in mind when participating in Pokémon Card matches. In addition, we also discuss a little about the two most expensive Pokémon cards to date, which are "Pikachu Illustrator" and "1999 First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard". If you have any questions regarding Pokémon cards or discuss some of these Pokémon cards, please contact Japan-Figure immediately to discuss. See you in the next article.

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