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Top Anime Stores That Anime Fans Should Know

Today the anime industry is no longer strange to the masses. Many anime are popular and generate a huge amount of revenue from the sale of associated anime merchandise. Anime fans are willing to spend a large amount of money to own rare and popular items related to their favourite anime. However, in many cases, fans buy anime merchandise at less reputable anime stores, leading to poor quality products. This article will outline Japan-Figure's most popular and prestigious anime shops. From that point forward, we will help you feel safe when shopping for posters, figures, plush toys, cards, etc, related to your favourite anime without worrying about buying the wrong product.


Anime stores are stores that are licensed to trade anime merchandise. Products such as posters, banners, accessories, figures, etc. related to anime are sold at these stores. These products often serve the collection needs of anime fans. This increasing demand leads to many new anime stores being built and put into the business.

Anime stores Japan-Figure

However, because of the increasing demand and fierce competition in the industry, many anime stores sell non-genuine products for profit. There are many cases of anime fans who cannot distinguish the quality of merchandise and buy the wrong products.


The Anime store is where most of the anime merchandise is gathered. The products offered are very popular with anime fans. Let's take a look at some of the outstanding products on sale in the anime store.


Coming to the anime store is indispensable for manga from the latest to the classics. The familiar names like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, ... or the hottest series in 2022 are constantly updated at these anime stores.
Anime figures

Anime stores Japan- Figure

It can be said that anime figures in particular or figures, in general, are a long-standing hobby of many people. Anime figures are 3D representations produced to simulate characters from anime that have been or are being shown. Many companies sell these anime figures, which are grouped and form a separate merchandise category. These figures come in a variety of different styles with mostly PVC materials. Quality and durability also vary with each type.

The selling price of these anime figures usually ranges from several hundred dollars. Rare or limited anime figures can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars, but they are difficult to find in regular stores on the market.

Trading card

The trading cards are decks with content that are modelled on popular anime such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc. The trading cards are loved by fans of the special anime series of series such as the Classic movie - Pokemon. Each deck usually has different rules and ways of playing. It makes the owner feel like really living in the anime world.

Anime store Japan-Figure

Today's trading cards are very diverse in materials. The selling price of trading cards ranges from a few dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. This is also a product that is sold a lot in genuine anime stores or retail stores that are not licensed to do business.

Anime plush

These plushes are produced based on the looks of anime characters. Anime plush products sold at reputable anime stores usually have stronger seams. Cotton and fabric quality are also better than non-genuine products, which makes the durability of the products complementary to the price.

anime store Japan-Figure

This can be considered a difficult product to distinguish between real and fake. Therefore, when shopping for anime plush products, priority should be given to buying them at reputable anime stores or websites licensed to sell genuine goods.


Clothes sold in anime stores are often made to look like those worn by anime characters. Some have simple designs and print logos or images of anime characters.

anime store Japan-Figure

Some speciality businesses only sell anime printed clothing products - this cannot be considered anime merchandise. True anime fans often don't like such products. Instead, anime clothing products, which are easy to brag about, are often preferred by anime fans to buy genuine. Anime clothes or anime prints from genuine anime stores are usually of better quality and the colours are nicer as well.


Anime fans are often eager to live in that anime world. Therefore, anime producers will sometimes cooperate with game manufacturers to release game products with the same name as that anime. This makes game products sell better on the market but still satisfy the preferences of anime fans.

anime store Japan-Figure

There are also many other anime-related products for sale at anime stores. These can be mentioned as phone accessories, key chains, shoes, hats, pillows, mattresses,...



This can be said to be the most famous anime store both inside and outside of Japan. Animate has many stores, and each store usually has a slightly different layout. However, overall, the Animate brand still brings the highest trust value to consumers. The products here are highly appreciated in terms of quality. Besides, Animate is very diverse in items.

anime store Japan-Figures

Products such as clothes, school supplies, manga, shoes, etc, are very popular and many products need to be pre-ordered to be able to buy them. Especially, cosplay clothing products at Animate are loved and chosen by many Otaku because of their sophistication and highest originality. Also, it's a very popular place among female customers because it sells a lot of doujinshi (self-published manga) based on different anime.

Donguri Kyowakoku

It is one of the best anime stores and is located in most major cities in Japan. This anime store has the concept of forests and giant Totoros everywhere. When shopping here, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. Visitors have the pleasure of listening to various soundtracks from the different movies.

anime store Japan-Figure

The store has products with prices ranging from low to high to suit the pocket of consumers. New sources of goods are also rotated regularly when out of stock, giving buyers peace of mind to shop. However, some limited edition items may require a visit to the store to purchase.

Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway is not a store, it's a giant shopping mall with lots of anime stores. Because of its large scale like a giant shopping mall, shopping for anime merchandise here is very convenient. The products sold here include many different designs, models, materials, etc. If you are a genuine Otaku, then visiting Nakano Broadway is one of the things not to be missed when coming to Japan.

anime store Japan-Figure


Volks is one of those anime stores not to be missed when visiting Akihabara. The store is located right by the station with eight floors of the building. From the first floor to the seventh floor is a place to display and sell anime products such as model trains, characters, toys, plastic models and parts for making toys, rough models, boats, and vehicles.

anime store Japan-Figure

Among the floors is a specialisation in high-end figures. This is where the nendoroids, figmas, and more figure lines are on display. No matter if you are a long-time fan or not, you will be fascinated by Volks if you come here.


This store sells everything from manga to sci-fi classics and mini Godzilla figurines and has been open since 1987. It's very popular and can be found all over Tokyo, but this shop The line at Nakano Avenue is the largest and less crowded than in Akihabara. The shop design here is great, with the classic sci-fi section entering through the red tori (gates) you normally see at shrines. Mandarake is probably the most essential store to visit for die-hard fans.

Anime stores Japan-Figure


With the motto "Life and Characters”, you will find all the popular amine character products at this store, such as “One Piece”, “Dragon Ball” and “Gundam”. Cosplay items and dolls can be found on the second floor of the shop. The wide variety of products has made it a must-see for anime lovers, and you're sure to find the perfect souvenir from your travels in Japan.

anime stores Japan-Figure

Jump Shop

The famous Japanese manga magazine JUMP which has released a series of classic manga and anime such as Dragonball, One Piece and Naruto… has opened the famous JUMP SHOP displaying promoted manga and anime products. Monopolized by their company. Popular branches of JUMP SHOP are located in Tokyo Dome City and Tokyo Sky Tree. This store brand now has a total of 10 branches across Japan.

Anime stores Japan-FigureIf you are a fan of classics like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Gintama, Haikyuu!!, ... your feeling when coming to Jump Shop may be like experiencing an experience. Experience shopping for official goods with peace of mind with guaranteed quality. The categories of goods are also quite diverse, from comics, DVDs, apparel, and even sweets, all of which can be filled with images of characters from these worldwide favourite series. There are also many exclusive limited items here that are worth a visit.


Japan Figure provides authentic figures manufactured in Japan.

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