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🎎 Celebrate Anime Day: Enter ANIME10 to enjoy $10 off on orders of $250 or more. Discounts up to 70%, and more! Apr 14-16 EDT only!

Top Best-Selling Japanese Authentic Anime Merchandise You Can Buy On Japan-Figure

Collecting anime merchandise has long been a pleasure for the vast majority of otaku. However, you can't always find your favorite anime merchandise or even if you find it, you can't order it because it's a best-seller. However, sometimes you have bought it but are afraid that the product is not genuine.

Japan-Figure is always proud to be one of the most diverse and genuine anime merchandise suppliers on the market today. All products are guaranteed to be of high quality and have a genuine label. If you are interested in any anime merchandise, search right here. In this article, Japan-Figure will summarize the most popular anime merchandise that you can find at Japan-Figure.


Anime merchandise is merchandise produced according to any anime or manga series. It can be keychains, figures, t-shirt- notebooks, plushs, TCG cards, etc., designed with anime and manga features in mind. These merchandise often cater to the collectible needs of anime lovers.

Authentic Anime Merchandise Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure



Genuine anime merchandise is merchandise produced by companies that are exclusively licensed to produce or by reputable companies in the field. Genuine products have better quality because they are made of premium materials. Some genuine PVC figures often have sharp details of hair, eyes, flames, etc. to give the owner a lively feeling.


Authentic Anime Merchandise Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure


Color is also a very important part of making the difference between real and fake merchandise. Real products have standard colors and are close to or 100% similar to the anime. Create vibrancy and realism for the viewer, especially in figure products.

The raw materials used to manufacture genuine products also ensure the safety of users. Especially for children's play products like plush, it is very important to use safe and friendly materials.

However, to ensure the above criteria, the cost of real anime merchandise is often higher than fake merchandise. However, you also need to understand that you get what you pay for.

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Fake anime merchandise is often produced by non-exclusive companies or factories for the sake of profiting from the interests of anime fans. These products are often copied according to the design and design of the genuine product, but the quality and durability are not comparable to authentic products.


Authentic Anime Merchandise Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure


The only advantage of a fake anime merchandise is that it is sold at a very low price. Since then, counterfeit products are easily accessible to customers who are anime fans, otaku and those who have the habit of collecting anime merchandise. This product is also suitable for young people who do not have enough financial capacity to buy a genuine product.

However, in order to reduce the selling price, manufacturers of fake anime merchandise had to cut costs. Usually, cuts in raw materials and processing will result in much worse quality than genuine products. The most recognizable point is that the color of the product will often not be 100% similar to the product announced by the host company. The aesthetic of the product will also be poorer and rougher than the original product, which is often seen in figures. Besides, the durability of the product is low. And that special feature is the raw materials for the production of merchandise. Some manufacturers use poor quality ingredients that can affect the health of consumers.


Not only for anime merchandise, when buying any product, you should still choose reputable brands to reduce the possibility of buying fake goods. Some famous names that provide anime merchandise today such as Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Alter, Kotonukiya, Phat Company, Bandai, etc. Products from these companies are often clearly printed with the manufacturer's name on the packaging. . Do not be confused between the packaging of anime merchandise with the words "made in china" is not genuine. Most of the famous manufacturers' factories are located in China. Therefore, this is a completely normal thing. The point to note is that the brand names printed on the packaging must be sharp enough and in the right position.

Authentic Anime Merchandise Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure

The packaging and the accessories that come with the product, often found in figures, are the next criteria for you to determine if the product is genuine or not. Usually, fake anime merchandise often has sketchy packaging, the packaging is not standard, but often misaligned and lost words. The accompanying accessories are sometimes omitted to reduce production costs.

The color of the product is also a very important factor when shopping for anime merchandise. Non-genuine products or old products, products that have been in stock for too long without being properly maintained, sometimes the color will not be the same as the genuine products. You need to make sure the product you buy does not have this situation by comparing the colors with genuine merchandise on the website of the company that manufactures and distributes the genuine product.

You can directly refer to genuine anime merchandise images on official anime websites or reputable anime merchandise suppliers. From there, compare with the anime merchandise you want to buy before making a decision to make sure you don't buy the wrong product or fake one.


What is Japan-Figure

Japan-Figure is an anime online store that sells genuine anime products. Products ranging from trendiest items to limited edition or pre-order products can be found here. The way to purchase is extremely simple with convenient payment methods. You can make online payments in case you don't have a lot of cash with you.

Authentic Anime Merchandise Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure

Besides, Japan-Figure is also an information and discussion site about anime, manga and the products surrounding it. You can also ask questions about products available on Japan-Figure's online store for direct support.

Buy best-selling anime merchandise on Japan-Figure

Anime figures

It can be said that anime figures in particular or figures in general are a long-standing hobby of many people. Anime figures are produced 3D representations of characters from anime that have been or are currently being shown. These anime figures are gathered together and form a separate merchandise category and are sold by many companies. These figures come in different varieties with mostly PVC materials. Quality and durability also vary in each type.

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Nezuko Kamado Demon Slayer Figure Japan-Figure

The selling price of these anime figures usually ranges from several hundred dollars. Rare or limited anime figures can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars, but they are hard to find in regular stores in the market. Collectors and otaku may have to hunt around at anime online stores that specialize in pre-ordering genuine figures in order to get special figure versions of their favorite characters.

However, at Japan-Figure there are always genuine figure products from current popular anime such as Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Fate/Zero, etc. These merchandise are regularly updated on Japan's booth. -Figure. So you can easily search and shop without worrying about price and quality. In addition, Japan-Figure also opens pre-orders for you to easily order products that are about to be released on the market.

Trading cards

Trading cards are decks of cards whose content is modeled on popular anime series. These trading cards are very loved by anime fans especially of the classic movie - Pokemon. Each deck of cards usually has different rules and ways of playing. It makes the owner feel like really living in the anime world.

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Shaymin EX - Full Art - Japanese Pokemon TCG Japan-Figure

Japan-Figure has a collection of the most famous trading cards such as Pokemon, Yu-gi Oh!,... The products are all genuine and are aggregated on the same website for you to easily shop for the items you need. i love.

Most of the latest anime merchandise will be regularly updated by Japan-Figure on the website for you to easily find and order. If you are interested in a product that is not available on the Japan-Figure purchase page, you can contact us for more product advice.


Japan Figure provides authentic figures manufactured in Japan.

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