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Pokémon Detective Pikachu Return For Nintendo Switch + Pikachu promo + Plush

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About this item

  • Plush Size (Approx.): H 8.9 x W 6.9 x D 4.1 inches (H 22.5 x W 17.5 x D 10.5 cm): Made with soft and comfortable fabric that has a cute shape. It is a sitting pose that will look straight
  • Challenge the case with Pikachu who speaks in a city where humans and Pokémon
  • "Ore is Pikachu, I don't tell himself... it's a detective! "
  • Is Pikachu a little different from usual? I love coffee and my face is all about
  • Pikachu with a self-named "Detective" talking Pikachu and his buddy youth Tim will solve the mystery of various events in the community of humans and Pokémon in Lime City, where humans and Pokémon.

Product description

Tim and Pikachu were looking for his father of Tim and Harry who was missing to be his father of Tim. In such a situation, the two people approach the big mystery of the jewel theft.
Why Harry disappeared?
Why Pikachu can only tell with Tim?
And can Tim and Pikachu find Harry?
Whatever the end of the story......

■ Investigate incidents with the power of Pokemon
The Kihon of the case is "Listening". Tim hears humans and Pikachu pokemon and collects testimonials. Some Pokémon can use their special skills to help them participate in the research.
For instance, the Guardiy can track the odor with excellent smell. With that power, Pikachu can ride around the back of Guardiy and find the evidence of the case.

Supported subtitles: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese (traditional, simplle).
Supported voices: Japanese, English.

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