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Meeting Keroppi: Sanrio's Cute Character and Its Fascinating World

Meeting Keroppi: Sanrio's Cute Character and Its Fascinating World

Welcome to the charming world of Sanrio, where adorable characters come to life! One such lovable character is Keroppi, a cheerful frog with a heartwarming story to share. He's a symbol of joy and positivity in the world of Sanrio. In this blog post, Japan Figure will dive into the delightful details of Keroppi Sanrio's background, personality, and why he has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

1. Who is Keroppi?

Meet Keroppi Hasunoue, a cheerful frog known by his full name 𝐊𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐢 Hasunoue in the vibrant world of Sanrio. His Japanese moniker, けろけろけろっぴ (Kerokerokeroppi), resonates with fans who also affectionately call him Kero Kero Keroppi. Born on July 10th, this male amphibian resides in a cozy house on the enchanting Donut Pond within the Keroppi universe and the neighboring Hapidanbui. Adored for his friendly demeanor, Keroppi adds a splash of joy with his vibrant red and white one-piece outfit.

 Keroppi Sanrio characters

Keroppi Sanrio characters

Keroppi's last name is Hasunoue, which means "on the lotus" in Japanese. The name "Kerokerokeroppi" is a two-layered play on words: it translates directly from Japanese to English as "convolvulus", but "kero" also means "ribbit".

2. Keroppi's Personality

Keroppi is a beloved character thanks to his cheerful and lively personality. This cute little frog created by Sanrio is always adventurous and loves to make new friends. Keroppi is characterized by his optimistic outlook on life and his infectious enthusiasm is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Although sometimes a bit mischievous, Keroppi's kind and good nature always shines through.

 With his signature green color and a red and white striped shirt, Keroppi is easily recognizable and has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

With his signature green color and a red and white striped shirt, Keroppi is easily recognizable and has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

3. Keroppi's Appearance

Keroppi's design is simple yet captivating. The combination of vibrant green, red, and white, along with those expressive eyes, makes him irresistibly charming. His versatile mouth expressions add an extra layer of personality, making every adventure uniquely entertaining.

Keroppi always brings humor and joy to every action 

Keroppi always brings humor and joy to every action

Keroppi may be one of the smallest characters, but his presence is so cute! With large, expressive eyes and a constant V-shaped mouth (though it may change in certain scenes), this green frog is featured in his signature red and white one-piece outfit. me. Notice the pink spots on his cheeks, It will add uniqueness to his appearance.

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4. Keroppi's Social Circle: Best Friends and Beyond

Pikki, the only girl among the Hasunoue triplets, plays a crucial role in her family's restaurant, assisting her mother, Keroma, in the kitchen. In North American dubs, she is referred to as Kevin. Meanwhile, Kokero, Keroppi's baby brother, adds youthful energy to the family dynamic. The youngest triplet, Koroppi, often gets mistaken for Keroppi, and in North American dubs, he is known as Curtis.

Keroppi's father, Keroppa, is a skilled doctor with the ability to heal anyone. His mother, Keroma, is not only a loving mom but also a talented cook who owns a small restaurant. Grandpa Kerojee and Grandma Kerobah contribute to the family's rich dynamics.

Keroppi and his girl friend 

Keroppi and his girl friend

Keroppi's girlfriend, Keroleen, is a natural peacemaker with a passion for collecting clothes and showcasing her cooking skills. Ganta, also known as Junk in North American dubs, is Keroppi's sizable friend who can transform into a rock, though he harbors fears of the dark and heights.

Kyorosuke, or Soak in North American dubs, is Keroppi's tall and thin friend with exceptional vision and swimming abilities. Noberun, known as Newton in North American dubs, is a thoughtful experimenter who may not be the most athletic but has a keen intellect.

Keroppe and family 

Keroppe and family

Keroppe, born near Gourd Pond and now residing near Donut Pond, is a soft-spoken and relaxed frog. Prone to daydreaming, napping, and leisurely walks, he is often the target of practical jokes. His cousin, Keroppi, along with Koroppi and Pikki, form a close-knit family.

Den Den, a snail, is one of Keroppi's good friends, and Teru Teru, known as Ruby in North American dubs, is a sunshine doll with weather-predicting abilities who has a penchant for collecting ribbons. Chippi, Keroppi's little cousin, has a particular fondness for strawberries. 

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5. Fun stories about Keroppi

Despite being designated as the "ace" character, Keroppi displayed a lack of musical prowess when he struggled to play the trumpet in the episode "Keroppi Faces the Music."Interestingly, a year prior to Keroppi's introduction, a contest was conducted during the rainy season to solicit designs for a new frog character. Out of the various submissions, the winning design, which would later evolve into Keroppi, emerged victorious.


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In short, Keroppi stands out as a character loved by fans thanks to his bubbly and adorable personality. With his cheerful, adventurous personality and ability to spread joy wherever he goes, Keroppi has become an iconic character in the Sanrio world. Whether navigating the waters of Donut Pond or going on exciting adventures with friends, this adorable green frog has captured the hearts of people across the globe. Through his mischievous yet kind nature, Keroppi teaches us the value of optimism and friendship, making him a timeless character loved by both children and adults. In the colorful tapestry of Sanrio characters, Keroppi certainly leaves a lasting impression as a symbol of happiness and friendship.

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