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Top 10 Most Powerful Fire Type Pokemon

Water-type, grass-type, and fire-type are the first 3 Pokemon types introduced through anime and games. Trainers will be able to choose one of the three systems above to start their journey. In particular, Fire-type Pokemon are very popular with their attack power and extremely high fighting spirit shown throughout many generations. In this article, Japan-Figure will learn with you about the Top 10 strongest fire-type Pokemon.


Fire-type Pokemon are envisioned as Pokemon capable of using fire such as launching fire, eating fire, burning,... Up to now, there are more than 70 separate fire-type Pokemon species and numbers. This is expected to continue to increase because this is the most popular Pokemon system ever.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Fire-type Pokemon often have a high body temperature, are often very familiar in appearance, and are assigned the ability to use fire. Some species live in volcanic areas or are themselves volcanic sources such as volcanoes, furnaces, etc.

There are 4 fire-type Pokemon Gyms: the Kanto region has Blaine, later when Blaine's volcano erupts, he moves to a nearby island also in Kanto; the Hoenn region has Flannery, a town famous for its hot springs and perched on the slopes of a volcano; In Unova, there is a chef Chilli who is a trainer of fire-type Pokemon, but Chilli's club not only has fire-type Pokemon but has 3 starter types: fire, water, grass; finally in the Galar region with the Gym owner Kabu.


In terms of attack, Fire is considered one of the Pokémon types with the best attack ability when it deals double damage to 4 types. These 4 types are Bug, Steel, Grass, and Ice respectively. However, it also has a limitation when it is halved in power when confronting Rock, Fire, Water, and Dragon-type Pokémon.

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Besides the ability to attack, the defense ability of Fire Pokémon is also highly appreciated when it is resistant to 6 other types. Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Fairy-type skills, when used on fire-type, will have their damage halved. However, Fire-type will also take double damage against Ground, Rock, and Water-type.



Arcanine is a combination of all 3 species of tiger, lion, and dog with a bright red appearance. That proves that this is an extremely powerful Legendary Fire-type Pokemon. In the anime, this Pokemon often carries coaches on its back to explore 7 oceans in 3 days.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Arcanine has 2 special abilities, Flash Fire and Intimidate. Flash Fire has the effect of rendering Arcanine invulnerable to fire attacks. Meanwhile, Intimidate will reduce the opponent's attack stats in a match.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Arcanine possesses a fringed mane that makes it even more powerful. Arcanine's most endearing traits are his brave spirit and loyalty. So if someone gets this Pokemon will dedicate themselves to that person.


Although only an average Pokemon, the role of Ninetales in the OU team becomes much more important. When it first appeared, Ninetales was quite lackluster, with no outstanding attack ability. Even this Pokemon is very rare and not used by many people.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

However, the situation began to change when Ninetales got the Drought skill. Drought activates a hidden sun that gives Ninetales increased strength and speed. Additionally, Ninetales can become the mainstay of any team that needs the power of the sun with its ability to suppress sandstorms or rain during a match.


Charizard is the final evolution of Pokemon Charmander when it reaches level 36. While Charmander is very gentle and docile, Charizard is stubborn and hard to obey. Because of the Fire-type, Charizard prefers dry, high-temperature places. Fire is life, represents health as well as affection, and is associated with the life of this Pokemon.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Although it has undergone more than 20 years of evolution, Charizard has always been the number 1 choice of every gamer when it comes to Fire-type Pokemon. This is the Pokemon with the highest damage ability that is difficult for any opponent to resist.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Later Charizard had 2 more Mega evolutions. This is the second Pokemon, after Mewtwo, to have the honor of owning up to two Mega X and Y evolutions. The power of Pokemon Charizard is shown in the battle between Red (using Mega Charizard X) defeating Mewtwo.


Delphox is a Fire-type pokemon that has the appearance of a witch with a fox skeleton. Delphox's entire body is covered in a characteristic red color of the system. Unlike other pokemon, Delphox uses a magic wand that emits fire when fighting. Just focus on the stick and it can create swirls of fire that wipe out the opponent.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

Another special feature of Delphox is that when it evolves, it will become a dual-type Psychic-type and Fire-type Pokemon. This is a dual system with only 3 individuals including the evolution of Delphox along with Victini and Darmanitan.


Blaziken has both Fire and Gladiator systems with the signature move Blaze Kick that brings out the essence of these two combined systems. Blaziken has a high attack power and speed, popular use as a sweeping Pokemon in Gamers' battles. With dual-type Gladiators, it can also easily defeat the Crystal Pokemon with the Double Kick that is learned when leveling up.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

In the animated version, Blaziken, which was the starting Pokemon of the Hoen region, was favored to appear very early in the Johto region. Blaziken was used by Trainer Harrison against Ash's fire dragon Charizard in the quarterfinals of the Johto League Championship.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Despite having struggled against Bayleef before and suffered Razor Leaf and Viper Whip attacks, Blaziken is still very strong. It repeatedly unleashed Quick Attacks, Semis Toss, and Blaze Kicks that stunned Charizard and suffered defeat. Later, Blaziken was buffed with Mega evolution, increasing its attack power and speed to new heights. So many gamers love to use this Pokemon on their Gym conquest journey.


Infernape is the highest level Pokemon of the Sinnoh region starter Pokemon. Ash's favorite character on his journey in this land is this character. Although he was just a weak, timid baby monkey at first, when he leveled up, Infernape showed his mental strength and extremely persistent fighting strength.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Like Blaziken, Infernape also has 2 types of Fire and Gladiator. When he was still at a low level, the fire monkey was once abandoned by Paul because of his weak appearance and physical strength. However, when he joined Ash's team, Infernape learned many powerful moves and evolved to the highest level. Later, the fire monkey had the opportunity to reunite and defeat Paul's team to help Ash advance to the semi-finals.


Magmar is a Pokemon from the first generation with a preference for living in volcanoes. Magnmar is regarded as one of the most powerful and fastest Pokemon by the Gym. It caused a lot of trouble for the fire dragon Charizard in this fight with its super-powerful Fire Punch and Fire Blast attacks.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Later Magmar has a sub-version of Magby and an evolved version of Magmortar with a powerful bunker flamethrower. This further increases the popularity of this Pokemon family.


Compared to the legendary Pokemon that appeared together, Lugia, Ho-Oh proved to be much weaker. First introduced in Pokemon Gold & Silver, this Pokemon is also included as the mascot of the game version. Ho-Oh, compared to other legendary Pokemon, there are not many outstanding elements, but compared to other fire-type Pokemon, it is like a monster in the sky.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Ho-Oh has an impressive defense, to the point of being compared to a Terminator. In this Pokemon, Trainers see great flexibility and power that can be applied in many of the fiercest fights. In addition, Ho-Oh also possesses relative speed, which helps you not to be overwhelmed by your opponent when confronting Pokemon with the ability to attack quickly.

Pokemon Japan-Figure


With the shape of a turtle, Torkoal is a Fire-type pokemon with the characteristic body color of this system. Torkoal has the appearance of a train, emitting smoke, and its shell glows like a train.

Pokemon Japan-Figure


Entei is one of the Legendary Pokemon of Gen II possessing formidable attack ability. Entei was born from a volcano, so it was a fire type. Because it belongs to the group of poisonous, rare, and strong Pokemon, it is very difficult to capture it.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

Entei is a large lion covered with brown fur and a gray mane. Its back looks like smoke coming out of a crater and a cream-colored feather underneath its chest. Entei has gray feet with brown footpads.

Japan-Figure Pokemon

Above are the Top 10 strongest Fire-type Pokemon ever ranked by Japan-Figure. If you know any other powerful Fire-type Pokemon, please share with Japan-Figure and Pokemon fans now.

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