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Top 10 Most Powerful Water-Type Pokemon

Water-type, grass-type, and fire-type are the first 3 Pokemon types introduced through the Pokemon anime series. Trainers will be able to choose one of the three systems above to start their journey. In the previous article, Japan-Figure analyzed the fire-type Pokemon. In today's article, Japan-Figure will continue to analyze the water-type Pokemon with the greatest fighting ability and strength in the Pokemon world.

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Water is one of the basic elements that create life and is the opposite of fire. In the Pokemon world, the planet is also surrounded by a vast ocean system similar to the real world and also creates a habitat for many water-type Pokemon.

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Water-type Pokemon often look similar to aquatic creatures such as fish, shrimp, crabs, etc. The rest are similar to aquatic predators or good swimmers like ducks, pelicans,... It's an interesting fact that not all Pokemon that live in the water will carry a water-type.

Kasumi (English name is Misty) is a water-type Pokemon trainer as well as the owner of a Pokemon club in Celurean City in the Kanto region. Kasumi is also Satoshi and Takeshi's companion during season 1 of the Pokemon anime series to become the number 1 water-type Pokemon trainer in the world. Later, Kasumi and Satoshi had a duel at her guild.

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Besides Kasumi, other club owners are specializing in water-type Pokemon such as Wallace in the city of Sootopolis in the Hoenn region (after Wallace became the champion of the Hoenn region, his master Juan took over the position of the club owner). ). Crasher Wake is the owner of a water-type guild in the city of Pastoria in the Sinnoh region, which is surrounded by the sea and swamps. The club and restaurant in the city of Striation in the Unova region have one of the three leaders specializing in Water-type Pokemon. In the same area of Unova, there is another Water-type Gym in the island city of Humilau with the owner of the club being Marlon. Finally, the leader of Gym Nessa in the port city of Hulbury in the Galar region.


The Water Pokémon do not have any special points in the attack array. Water-type will deal double damage to Ground, Rock, and Fire-type Pokémon. Damage will be halved with Water, Grass, and Dragon-type Pokémon.


Water-type Pokémon shine in defense when they can resist up to 4 types: Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice. These Pokémon types will take double damage from Grass and Electric Pokémon.


The following top 10 Pokemon will be the Pokemon that are not only the strongest but also the most beautiful in the world of water-type Pokemon.


Kingdra is a water-and-dragon dual-type walrus pokemon introduced in the Johto region of the second generation. It is the last evolutionary form of the Horse, after leveling up to the Seadra at level 32, it needs to be exchanged and carried dragon scales to evolve into this beautiful dragon.

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Kingdra is described as extremely powerful creatures, they usually live in the deep sea and every time they rise to the surface, they will cause huge whirlpools and terrible storms that threaten ships passing through the sea. That's why it is often mistaken for a single Water-type when its terrible whirlpool storm power has completely overwhelmed it.

With the hidden attribute of serenity, Kingdra can increase speed in the rain. With the same base stats of 540 as the starter pokemon, which are equally distributed in attack and defense attributes, Kingdra is an extremely powerful, almighty pokemon, and when it rains, it's almost invincible when it comes to attack and defense. Its dual-type makes it more resistant to grass and electric attacks, which are similar to water and is unafraid of ice attacks, which are unique to dragons. To defeat a Kingdra is really hard work.

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Kingdra Japanese TCG Card

Kingdra is known as the pokemon of the dragon leader Clair in Blackhorn City, the last gym in Johto that Ash must conquer. In the first fight, it easily defeated Ash's Noctowl owl with a powerful super water gun. After that, in the rematch, it continued to show itself as a real opponent whose speed and many attacks made Ash's Kabi Snorlax extremely hard to withstand.


Lapras is a Pokemon introduced in the first generation. Pokemon with a gentle and peaceful personality is best known as the carrier Ask Ketchum and his friends on the journey to explore the Orange Islands.

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Lapras does not have an evolved form like many other Pokemon. However, the strength of this species is extremely terrible in combat. In the animated version, Lapras and Ash had a solo duel with the powerful Pokemon Ghost Gengar of the Orange Islands champion - Drake in the final cup match. With his super-powerful Ice Beam, Lapras brought Gengar down with him, giving Ash a huge advantage in the 6v6 final that year.

Even the Four Heavenly Kings Lorelei used Lapras as the main Pokemon in her terrible Ice squad, enough to show how formidable Lapras' offensive power is.


Tentacruel is not a pure water-type Pokemon, but a combination of the Water-type and the Poison-type (also known as dual-type). Therefore, this creature is always a great danger to those who come into close contact with it. You can easily see the image of Tentacruel in the movie as a combination of a squid and a jellyfish.

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While not as cute as Kingdra, Tentacruel has some pretty formidable powers. Tentacruel's normal appearance is not scary at all, on the contrary, it is quite cute. However, when fighting, it will show strength through its appearance.


It can be said that Blastoise has been associated with the childhood of many children. Blastoise is also nicknamed the water turtle. Although Blastoise possesses the appearance of a gentle turtle, it is no less powerful. Blastoise has a large appearance that always appears with 2 giant cannons on its back.

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Don't think of a turtle, so Blastoise is slow and walks on all fours. This water-type Pokemon can stand and move quickly on two legs. When not evolved, Blastoise is a very cute green turtle with round eyes and a sturdy tortoise shell.

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Greninja originates from the Kalos region and is the most distinct creature from the Pokemon of the same type. In the anime, Greninja plays a key role in the Kalos squad and is Satoshi's trusted companion. With lightning speed and the ability to knock down opponents with consecutive attacks, Greninja's every move surprises opponents and wins many big victories.

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Greninja is a prime example of a new generation Pokemon. Despite being born late, Greninja's ability was soon confirmed through special moves both in the game and in the movie.

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The most significant was the Kalos alliance semi-final when Greninja faced Shota's Mega Sceptile. Despite facing off against her opponent's Remnant Grass-type and super-powerful Frenzy Plant, Greninja still uses its super-fast speed to dodge and knock down opponents with its terrifying combo attack power.


Feraligatr is inspired by Kaiju – a giant monster appearing in Japanese legends associated with Godzilla that often lives hidden in deep river areas. This water-type Pokemon scares everyone who looks at it because of its sharp horns on its back and its sharp, unapproachable eyes.

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You may not know, that Feraligatr has his series. At that time, Satoshi chose this crocodile as the main Pokemon instead of Pikachu. Feraligatr was well received by many. Along with a sharp, powerful iron and the ability to spray large jets of water with strong destructive power, Feraligatr will be an extremely suitable choice for the position of the strongest water-type Pokemon in your squad.


If people often watch Pokemon cartoons, then surely the water-type character that appears the most is Gyarados. Gyarados have many different versions such as red, blue, and yellow. Each version evolved in a different place. The yellow version Gyarados is the rarest of its kind. Red and blue are the most common water-type Pokemon.

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Gyarados is an evolved form of the Magikarp carp with a story inspired by a carp that crosses the border into a dragon. With a violent appearance, large body, and dragon scales as hard as iron, Gyarados always makes a strong impression every time he appears.

The terrorist power of Gyarados is shown many times in both games, comics, and cartoons, so it makes audiences and gamers enjoy and love this Pokemon even more.

In the anime version, Gyarados appeared when James' Magikarp evolved after being discarded. With his speed and power, Gyarados made Team Rocket and his friends Ash have to run away to escape danger.

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Later in the movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back, Gyarados is also considered the strongest water Pokemon, the leading Pokemon capable of taking the trainer through the huge storm in the middle of the sea that Mewtwo created. At the same time, it also showed its power with Hyper Beam which aimed directly at Mewtwo at that time.

Going to the series in the Alola region, Gyarados returns as the main Pokemon of the Gym leader Misty with the Mega evolved form of the Water and Shadow types. Mega Gyarados evolution is also used by Team Flare leader Lysande to balance Ash and champion Alan's combo.

In particular, Gyarados also impresses with its fiery red shape in the northern lake region of the Johto region. It was captured by Trainer Silver and used to fight off Rocket's hidden forces.


Sharpedo is a Shadow and Water-type Pokemon that evolved from Carvanha. It is vulnerable to Fighting, Grass, Electric, and Fairy attacks. Sharpedo's strongest skill set is Waterfall & Hydro Pump.

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Nicknamed "the bully of the sea", Sharpedo is feared by many. Its sinister fangs would grow back in an instant if they were snapped. Just showing this Pokemon can completely tear a supership.


Palkia is a legendary Pokemon belonging to the creative trio of the land of Sino. And the god who rules the space, Palkia of course possesses a terrible set of stats, plus he has two systems of Water and Dragon, so there are only two systems that can counter this god.

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Bring all 4 attacks as strong as possible, including the exclusive Spacial Rend move. Brings the Lustrous Orb, which increases the power of Water and Dragon-type moves by 20%. In general, Palkia is too strong, but for now, the god of space still has to succumb to one of the names below.

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The most powerful Water-type Pokemon today is the name that gave birth to the seas of Kyogre. Is it a legendary Pokemon belonging to the weather trio of the land of Hoenn? Possesses special stats at the top, but overall, this set of indicators cannot be equal to Palkia's index set.

water-type Pokemon Japan Figure Online Store

Maybe you don't know, this is one of the first 3 pokemon on Earth and is known as the super ancient Pokemon. In it, Kyogre was created at the bottom of the deep sea.

water-type Pokemon Japan Figure Online Store

There are many theories that this Pokemon created the sea. In particular, Kyogre is the representative of water, so he hates Groudon. Every time they meet, there will be an earth-shattering battle. If Groudon possesses the power to create continents and arid droughts everywhere it goes, Kyogre can create large-scale rainstorms and storms. When Groudon and Kyogre appeared, it was as if they would be involved in a landslide battle. Even more contemptuous is that they can destroy the entire human civilization.

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