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Pokemon Species Have The Strangest Evolutionary Conditions

The evolution of Pokemon has long been a strange thing to most Pokemon fans. However, not only that, some Pokemon species also have their own unique evolutionary types that you will surely be surprised to hear. In this article, Japan-Figure will send you the top Pokemon with the most incredible and special evolution. Let's wait and see how many of these you know.


Pokemon evolution is essentially the transformation of Pokemon. It's more like turning into another Pokemon with the wisdom of the old Pokemon rather than "evolution". However, in anime series and games, the phrase for this transformation is called "evolution". Therefore, in this article Japan-Figure will also use the term evolution.

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Pokemon's evolution is independent of aging. Just because a Pokemon goes through an evolutionary stage does not mean it has aged. It's just about meeting certain conditions for evolution to take place. Conditions such as experience accumulation, intimacy, exposure to items, etc.

Evolution is not just about changes in the appearance of Pokemon. They will have higher stats (in the game) after evolving than when they haven't evolved, sometimes learning new moves (both anime and games). In some special cases, they change species. Pokemon can also change an Ability when it evolves

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When a Pokemon begins to evolve, it will be enveloped in a brightly colored light and slowly change shape. In the anime series, Pokemon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, and Pokemon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, the light is only white while in Pokemon the Series: Black & White and Pokémon the Series: XY, the light is blue. color. In Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon, different evolution effects were introduced depending on which Pokemon was evolving; for example, when Mallow's Bounsweet evolves into Steenee, it shines pink and the physical changes that come with evolution can be seen happening. While some Pokémon have reverted to old-fashioned evolution effects (e.g. Sandygast to Palossand and Mareanie to Toxapex), others have been seen with brand new effects (especially Rockruff and Litten) .


Except for cases where trainers or players don't want to evolve Pokemon because they love them at the moment. For example, Ash's Pikachu, both of them agree not to let Pikachu evolve into Raichu. However, in general, evolving Pokemon is what most anime trainers and Pokemon game players want because they are buffed. The stats of Pokemon will increase, making them faster, stronger, and more terrifying when fighting. In some cases, Pokemon will evolve and have stronger stats when properly trained and ready to evolve than Pokemon that evolve in the wild (Beedrill is a prime example).

In addition, certain Pokemon species need to reach a certain level, experience, or intimacy with a trainer in order to evolve. Therefore, the fact that they can evolve is an achievement for the trainer.


Cubone becomes Marowak

About Pokemon

Cubone is a ground-type Pokemon introduced in Gen I. Besides, Marowak is an evolved form of the pokemon Cubone at level 28. Marowak is a ground-type and fire-type Pokemon. Marowak's appearance resembles a petite dinosaur. Because of his small nature, Marowak is often bullied by larger Pokemon.

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According to legend, the bone that Marowak used as a weapon was a bone sample from its mother's body. Mandibuzz is a Pokemon that Marowak has always spent his life chasing. Many people believe that Mandibuzz is the culprit who assassinated Marowak's mother. During the fight, Marowak used the bone to launch a fireball. This flame will pursue and burn the enemy. Marowak's main living place is in the high mountains.

Differences in evolution

Cubone is a Pokemon with a traumatic past - it lost its mother when it was a baby, to make up for that sadness it wears its mother's skull, as a way of protection and believes that she will always be there. But remember this is a Pokemon species, meaning that every Cubone has a mother. This is clearly not the right way to remember one's mother.

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What's even weirder is when Cubone evolves into Marowak. The Marowak was simply a Cubone of a larger size, but their mother's skull could not have grown with evolution. Meaning Marowak found a larger skull of another dead Pokemon and replaced it with the old one.

Evolved into a completely different species

There are quite a few Pokemon that evolve into another form that has a different appearance than the original, but with fish this happens more commonly.

Carvanha is a fish-type water-type Pokemon resembling a piranha that evolves into Sharpedo, a Pokemon with the appearance of a ferocious shark.

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Feebas with the appearance of a gray-brown fish and less distinctive. They are the "dinner" of most other Pokemon species. Only when they evolve will they become really useful. Feebas will evolve into Milotic, with tremendous power.

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An extremely good example of the difference in appearance and strength before and after evolution is Magikarp and Gyrados. Magikarp is a Pokemon described as useless. It has the form of a king carp, but has no special skills and easily becomes prey for other Pokemon. When it reaches a certain level, it will evolve into Gyrados, a Pokemon that no trainer wants to encounter.

Evolution of Ghost-type Pokemon

Actually there are a lot of scary things that have never been mentioned in Pokemon, but here we are talking specifically about Ghost-type Pokemon. Ghost-type Pokemon are described as spirits or objects that linger in the human world for reasons of their own. Meanwhile, evolution and development will involve life. So the question is: "how can these souls evolve". And in the Pokemon world, somehow, they have evolved successfully. So, what are ghost-type Pokemon, like the Gengar family, really?

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Must die to evolve

These Pokemon are very powerful, they are strong enough to constantly fight and face many dangers. And after all, the worst that can happen is just passing out after receiving a blow that is too strong. Throughout the series, the death of a Pokemon is rare. And even more rare, is the case with Snorunt, when a Pokemon actually dies to evolve into a new Pokemon.

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Why do you say so? Snorunt is an Ice-type Pokemon. It can evolve in the usual way to become Glalie, also an Ice-type Pokemon. A special way when you put Snornut under the fire of the Dawn Stone it will evolve into Froslass. However, the main point worth mentioning is that Frostlass is a Ghost-type Pokemon. But as shared above, Ghost-type Pokemon are described as souls still lingering on earth. So did Snornut have to die to become Froslass? If that's the case, what the trainer just did was kill a Pokemon to make it evolve.

Evolution has more essences

In some cases, Pokemon after evolution will have more versions. Sounds absurd, doesn't it? However, this actually happened in the Pokemon world. Digletts after evolving will become Dugtrio. If you take a closer look, it is easy to see that Dugtrio is in fact many Diglett individuals gathered together. Perhaps because of this, their power also increased more than before. Dugtrio is known as an earth-type Pokemon with high defense and speed. It sounds really funny but this Pokemon evolves by calling more allies to come and get out of the cave, right?

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Evolution holds many different things

In the evolutionary history of mankind, human development has been associated with the use of more and more complex tools. However, it doesn't seem to be the same as holding an extra spoon. During its transformation from Kadabra to Alakazam, it holds another spoon in its other hand.

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Likewise, Timburr, a Pokemon carrying a log, evolves into Gurdurr with a steel beam on his shoulder, but then "degenerates" into Conkeldurr with two blocks of stone. This even goes against the conventional theory of evolution.

The above are interesting and very different types of evolution that Japan-Figure has compiled. If you know any other Pokemon evolutions that are really interesting, don't forget to share them with Japan-Figure and Pokemon Fans.

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