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Top Pokemon Gym Leaders Hardest to Beat in Each Pokemon Type - End

In the previous part, Japan-Figure has sent you the 5 hardest Pokemon Gym Leaders to beat of 12 types respectively: Flying, Ice, Dark, Grass, Bug, Rock, Ground, Electric, Poison, Fighting, Fire, Ghost. To continue this series, in the next part, Japan-Figure will immediately list the remaining 6 types of Pokemon with the most difficult Gym Leaders.

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Water-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

The Water system is currently the system with the largest number of Gym Leaders today with 7 people. Including special cases like in Hoenn, Wallace will be the owner of Sootopolis's guild hall in all games related to the 3rd land, except in Pokemon Emerald. In Pokemon Emerald, Wallace is promoted to the Champion of the land, so his teacher Juan is appointed the Water-type Gym Leader of this League.

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As an alternative, Cress in Pokemon Black and White has been honored as a Water-type guild master. But in Black 2 and White 2, Marlon appeared and stole that title from Cress. The rest of the normals we have Kanto's goddess Misty, Sinnoh's Crashser Wake, and another mermaid Nessa from Galar. It's quite unfortunate that the only two girls, Misty and Nessa, are only the 2nd gym leaders that players have to challenge in the game versions, so their squad is not qualified enough to go further in this vote. Cress is the first gym leader in the Pokemon Black and White game, so the squad is relatively weak.

So we only have 2 teachers and students Wallace and Juan left. The two squads are at a very high level, even quite similar. Thanks to owning Kingdra with Switf Swim, Juan will have a huge advantage when creating a rain effect. It's not hard to give Juan the title of the hardest Water-type Gym Leader to beat because he's the Champion's teacher anyway.

Dragon-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Next we will come to the Dragon-type Pokemon gym leaders. These are the guilds that are considered the strongest because they own the strongest and most favored Pokemon, Dragon. Therefore, Gyms with this type are almost always the last gym in the Pokemon game versions. And the Gym leaders of this type are also the strongest among the league's gym leaders.

Pokemon Gym Leader Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure

The 2 strongest Gym Leaders of dragon-type are Clair of Johto League and Raihan of Galar League. Both are the 8th Gym Leader in the game. Clair is a cousin and is trained by Lance, an expert in training the most powerful Dragon-type Pokemon in the Pokemon world. As for Raihan, he is the friend as well as the toughest opponent of the undefeated champion Leon.

According to her own assessment, Clair's squad creates more difficulties for players in the game versions because the systems that can counter her Pokemon are quite small, especially with Kingdra (Games related to the same Johto land are not. Fairy-type has not been introduced so Dragon-type is almost undefeated). Meanwhile, Raihan brings in a variety of Pokemon and also has a good weather strategy, but to be able to defeat him is not too difficult. And because of this, Clair will be chosen as the hardest-to-beat Dragon-type Pokemon Gym Leader in Pokemon games.

Psychic-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Psychic-type Pokemon is also considered a type with the same power as Dragon-type Pokemon. However, the current Gym leaders of this type are very weak. The first is Sabrina of the Kanto League, she brings into the squad Kadabra and Alakazam fast, strong, but with poor defense. Just use Pokemon with a little good resistance, just a light counterattack is enough to K.O 2 this main Pokemon. The remaining 2 Pokemon in Sabrina's squad are also poorly defended and easily countered.

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Pokemon Gym Leader Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure

Next is the pair Tate and Liza of the Hoenn alliance. The 2 youngest Gym Leaders have little experience and can be easily defeated by players. Olympia of the Kalos League also cannot restore honor to the Psychic-type gym leaders because all 3 starter Pokemon of Gen 6 are capable of defeating Pokemon in Olympia's lineup.

However, still have to choose 1 Psychic-type Pokemon gym leader that is the hardest to beat and perhaps this position is only suitable for Sabrina of Kanto. Because her Pokemon, though low in defense, are of the type with extremely high attack ability. Therefore, it partly compensates and helps to balance the squad quite well. Players will also take some time to find the right Pokemon to defeat this Gym.

Steel-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Next will be Steel-type. This is the type that was added to the Pokemon types system from the 2nd generation along with the Dark-type. However, while Dark-type had to wait until Gen 8 to have the first Gym leader specializing in this type, as soon as it was introduced, Steel-type had its own Gym and the leader was Jasmine. of the city of Olivine in the land of Johto. And when it came to the Sinnoh League, Byron was also introduced as the next Steel-type Pokemon gym leader of the Pokemon world. But it also stops there, and no more steel-type gym has appeared.

Pokemon Gym Leader Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure

Jasmine and Byron's Gym lineup both use 3 Pokemon, but it's clear that the names Jasmine brought to compete in the first Gym match are not as good as Byron's. Even if you take Byron's gym squad in Pokemon Platinum, Jasmine has absolutely no door to compare. Therefore, it is not difficult to say that Byron is the hardest Steel Gym Leader to beat at the moment.

Normal-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Normal-type currently has 4 Gym Leaders. However, only 3 Alliances own Normal-type Gym Leader. And again, the Unova Alliance will give you a bit of a headache when Lenora and Cheren have taken turns as Normal-type Gym Leader in this land. Specifically, in the Pokemon Black and White game versions, Lenora will be the Normal-type Gym Leader in Nacrene City. And later, in Black 2 and White 2, Cheren took her place in that role, but in the city of Asperia. In addition to the common point of specializing in the same type, these two also have another similarity that the gym competition lineup is very normal if not too bad.

Pokemon Gym Leader Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure

The other 2 Normal-type Gym Leaders are Whitney of the Johto Alliance and Norman of the Hoenn Alliance. Nightmare, that's what can be summed up to describe gym fights with Whitney and Norman. Join Norman's squad first. Regardless of the game version, Slaking, is always ready to send the challenger back to the Pokemon Center. Even if the player plays as Norman's son, the owner of this club will not be lenient. Fortunately, Slaking is limited by the ability Truant, so we still have a way to counter this monster.

However, Whitney is both special and more terrifying. Her squad is nothing to worry about at first glance, but Miltank is a pretty good defense Pokemon and has enough speed to use. This Pokemon also possesses extremely annoying Attract and Milk Drink moves, Stomp is both strong and has a high rate of faltering, so Miltank alone is enough to sweep the player's squad. And of course, her power will only really show up when you face it in person at the gym match. And because of that, Japan-Figure will choose Whitney as the strongest Normal-type Gym Leader in Pokemon games.

Fairy-Type Pokemon Gym Leaders

Fairy-Type has only appeared in the 6th generation. Although it has only been present in 3 generations, Fairy-type also quickly gained 2 gym leaders specializing in this type, including Valerie of Kalos League and Opal of Galar League.

Pokemon Gym Leader Japanese Online Store Japan-Figure

As the first Gym Leader specializing in Fairy-type Pokemon, and also introduced in the generation where Fairy-type appeared, Valerie's lineup can be said to be quite quality. In addition to the brand new Pokemon Sylveon, Mawile and Mr.Mime are Pokemon with new types added to become 2-type Pokemon. This also creates a bit of difficulty for players as they will have to learn and get used to the new type incompatibilities of those Pokemon during their first gym fight with Valerie.

Opal is also not to be outdone when it comes to bringing into the gym the newly introduced Pokemon, Galarian Weezing and Alcremie possessing the Gigantamax ability. However, most of Opal's Pokemon have abilities that aren't their best, so they're pretty weak. If Weezing or Togekiss had Neutralizing Gas or Serene Grace, the match against Opal would have been much more difficult. And that is why, Japan-Figure would like to choose Valerie as the most difficult Fairy-Type Pokemon Gym Leader to defeat.

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Concluding the series on Pokemon Gym Leaders and bright faces for the leading position of the selected types. How many Gym leaders have you passed above? Let's share more with Japan-Figure about our gym experience.


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