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Top Unsolved Mysteries In Demon Slayer Anime - Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) was first published in the 11th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, February 2016. Up to now, Tanjiro's demon-slaying journey has lasted for 4 years, a period not long compared to other famous seniors.

Although the work takes on the old background, it revolves around the sword and the battle to kill demons, details that are too familiar to Japanese readers, but still maintain substance. And it is not difficult to realize that this hot manga title is coming to a close. Although this is the first long-running work and is achieving great success, Gotouge seems to have no intention of prolonging the work but is faithful to the original intentions.

With the death of Demon Lord Muzan and the victory of the Demon Slayers, this is considered a perfect ending, satisfying the majority of fans. However, there are still many unanswered mysteries that make many people feel disappointed and regretful.


As an anime of the historical fiction genre, Kimetsu no Yaiba attracts viewers with its beautiful drawing style and meaningful and humane content. This is a work produced by the studio team ufotable - the team that has succeeded with two anime series Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/Zero.

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The anime's setting is during the Taishō period when demons were a threat to human life. Demons never reveal their identity because they do not live under the sun and the demon lord Kibutsuji Muzan needs to expand his power, unable to reveal his identity.

After his father passed away, the main character Tanjiro became the breadwinner of the family, earning money to support his mother and younger brother. One day, he went down the mountain to sell coal for money and stayed at an acquaintance's house, but an unfortunate incident happened. When he returned the next morning, everyone was murdered and only his sister Nezuko was still breathing. But then, Nezuko was poisoned, turning into a demon. It was because of this tragedy that started Tanjiro's demon-slaying journey. The boy is on his way to becoming a demon slayer and finding a way to cure his sister.


1. Kamado Tanjiro

In Demon Slayer, the main character is Kamado Tanjiro. When he went down the mountain to sell coal to earn money, his whole family was murdered by a demon. When Tanjiro returned, only Nezuko's sister survived, but she, unfortunately, turned into a demon. Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Team to defeat the demon that killed his family and find a medicine to turn his sister back into a human.

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Tanjiro is a typical protagonist: optimistic, gentle, righteous, and tolerant not only of humans but also of demons. Therefore, he is loved by everyone around him.

2. Kamado Nezuko

Nezuko is Tanjiro's younger sister, the only one lucky enough to survive the Devil's attack on her family. Although she was later transformed into a demon, she still retained her consciousness and memories of her brother.

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Nezuko was hypnotized by Urokodaki and sealed her mouth with a piece of bamboo to avoid attacking humans. She uses sleep to restore her stamina instead of eating humans like other demons.

In Demon Slayer, the character Nezuko mainly uses the power from her sharp legs and claws. Nezuko is strong enough to duel the demons and some powerful demons. She does not often use the power of her demon blood to avoid falling into a deep sleep.

3. Agatsuma Zenitsu

Zenitsu is a member who joined the Demon Slayer Corps at the same time as Tanjiro. Zenitsu was taught Thunder Breathing, but he could only use the simplest of the six moves in this set. Therefore, the boy is somewhat more self-deprecating than his teammates. In the process of accompanying Tanjiro, the two become closer and more attached to each other.

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When fighting, Zenitsu is very shy and fears that he might die prematurely. If his fear reached its peak, he would "sleep" deeply and use swordsmanship purely on instinct. His current combat status was comparable to the top swordsmen of the Demon Slayer Corps. But when he woke up, he couldn't remember what he had done.

4. Hashibira Inosuke

When it comes to the characters in Demon Slayer, it is impossible to ignore Hashibira Inosuke - a member who always wears a wild boar mask of the Demon Slayer Corps. The ugly mask concealed Inosuke's pretty, feminine face. When he was still in diapers, his mother was killed by a demon. Insouke was raised by a wild boar and taught to speak by an old man.

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Inosuke has strong fighting skills with Beast Breathing, the ability to resist poison, break his joints easily, and can move his internal organs on his own. In addition, Inosuke's katana skills are also highly appreciated.


1. Blue Spider Lily

As we all know, Blue Spider Lily is what created the first demon Muzan and also what he has been searching for more than 1000 years.

Initially, Muzan was also a normal human, but was predicted to have a strange disease and only live to 20 years old, Muzan killed his physician because he was too angry and desperate. However, sometime after taking the cure from the healer's Blue Spider Lily he killed, Muzan recovered from his illness and turned into a demon from there.

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As the strongest demon, Muzan also has a weakness of being afraid of the sun. So throughout his years of existence, Muzan was always looking for Blue Spider Lily to be able to walk in the sun. When he couldn't find what he wanted, Muzan started creating more demons so that they could serve him and search for him.

And the question here is that it seems that except for the physician who made Muzan's potion, perhaps no one has seen Blue Spider Lily with their own eyes. Mentioned a lot in the storyline, is an important thing, but very few details are revealed about this flower very little. What does it look like, where is it now, and why can't Muzan find it for more than 1000 years?

2. Breathing skills have not been fully exploited

In Kimetsu no Yaiba, the beautiful moves of the demon hunters always attract the viewer's eyes thanks to the sophisticated and elaborate work of the author, from naming each move to diversifying types of Breathing. In it, Breathing is the key for demon hunters to bring their strength to the maximum, comparable to the power of demons.

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There are five basic types of Breathing namely Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, and Thunder, and other Breathing types that are branched out from the above five categories. However, the power of Breathing is still a mystery, revolving around Sun's Breathing being repeated over and over in the story.

Especially maybe because there are so many Breathing forms that appear throughout the story, one of them has no skills. For example, Kokushibo uses the moon Breathing skill to fight but only uses 11 out of 16 skills. So what are the remaining 5 skills?

3. Human and Demon combined still produce human blood

This must be something that many people are curious about. If you remember, the first time Tanjiro met Muzan, he was disguised as a man with a wife and children. They were all normal people, his child's appearance, eye color, and hair color were no different from normal people.

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Then, the demon blood mixed with the human will create human blood? Or is it all just a scam?

4. Did Tanjiro become a member of Hashira

Remember, after Sanemi stabbed his sister several times with his sword, Kamado Tanjiro resolved to tell Oyakata his desire to become one of Hashira.

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At first, everyone laughed at him, but in the event of fighting with Muzan, he almost showed the power of the "chosen one" with the original Moon Breathing.

However, when finishing killing Muzan, will Tanjiro and his friends like Inosuke Hashibira, Agatsuma Zenitsu, Tsuyuri Kanao become one of the new Hashira instead of those who died or not? It seems that the author quickly brought the series to an end before all of this could happen.

5. The special in the blood of the children of the Kamado family

It's not hard to see how the Kamado family is closely associated with fire, and Tanjiro and Nezuko's connection to the element developed throughout the first season of Kimetsu No Yaiba.

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When the swordsmith, Haganezuka, came to deliver Tanjiro's sword, he was surprised that Tanjiro had red hair and fiery red eyes. It is considered lucky in working families that are associated with fire. Later, when Tanjiro fights against the demon Rui, he has a flashback of his father, who also has the same eye color, scar, and hair color as Tanjiro.

When Tanjiro recalled his father's Dance Of The Fire God, he immediately realized that his father had taught him a powerful breathing technique. When Tanjiro uses this Breathing, he uses a sword technique associated with the Dance Of The Fire God, a powerful technique that turns water into fire. Similarly, Nezuko's Blood Demon Art also involves fire. It seems that the Kamado is more than just an ordinary coal-selling family, their true origins and powers need to be further clarified if the series is to continue.


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