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Top 10 Most Powerful Electric Type Pokemon

Electric-Type is one of the types associated with the Pokemon passion journey of many people. Although not a basic type allowed to choose when starting the journey to become a professional Pokemon trainer, Electric-type appeared very early in the anime. In this article, Japan-Figure will present you with the top 10 most powerful Electric-Type Pokemon. Let's see how many Pokemon out of these top 10 you know.


Electric is not a basic element and is not one of the three types of Pokemon that Pokemon trainers can choose to start their journey with. However, in the Pokemon anime series, Ash (the main character) accidentally chose Pikachu, an Electric-Type Pokemon, to be his companion. This electric mouse is also the beginning of the passion of many Pokemon fans.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure

Most Electric-Type Pokemon are either yellow or have yellow body parts. They have the ability to generate electricity, eat electricity, and use electricity as a type of energy of their own. Some Electric-Type Pokemon need to be charged to be able to engage in combat or sustain life. Trainers can find Electric-Type Pokemon in areas with a lot of magnetism, power plants, or even in jungle areas.


Electric-type Pokemon are strong against flying-type Pokemon and water-type Pokemon. There will be a 50% reduction in power for Grass-type Pokemon, Dragon-type Pokemon, and Pokemon of the same type. Especially for ground-type Pokemon, electric attacks have almost no effect.

Electric-type Pokemon take double damage with earth-type skills and take half damage with flight-type skills, iron-type skills, and electric-type skills.


The following top 10 Pokemon will be the Pokemon that are not only the strongest but also the most useful in the Electric-type Pokemon world.


Not the strongest Electric-Type Pokemon, but Pikachu holds an extremely important place in the Pokemon Anime series. Besides, Pikachu also has an extremely strong fan base and holds a very important position in Ash's squad. With his tremendous speed and electric-type moves like Thunderbolt and Thunderstorm, along with his special attack stats that have been boosted, Pikachu can easily defeat any good water Pokemon fly with just one move.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure

In the animated series, Pikachu is known as the "god slayer" when he and Ash defeated many strong Pokemon with Regice in the clash at Battle Pyramid, Latios in the tournament at the Sinnoh alliance, culminating in being Battle with Tapu Koko at the alliance in the Alola Islands. Pikachu with the powerful Z technique of the electric system that defeated the legendary Pokemon Tapu Koko also brought the electric system to bring Ash to the 2nd league championship in his playing career.

It must be recalled that in Ash's first championship in the Orange Islands. Pikachu was also the Pokemon that opened the first victory against the champion Drake with a tense duel with the nasty clone-transformer Ditto. And then Pikachu personally fought the demigod Dragonite in the final series to bring Ash the championship in the 6v6 cup match that year.

It is thanks to this incredible power and remarkable achievement, that Pikachu, although only a normal average Pokemon in the game, has become the strongest Pokemon in the animated series, loved by generations of audiences and also beloved and used by players.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure

The popularity of Pikachu spread to the cinema with the worldwide release of the Pokemon Pikachu Detective movie, making the influence of Pokemon in general and Pikachu, in particular, more and more widespread than ever. So it can be said that Pikachu is a comprehensive Electric-Type Pokemon when it comes to both strength, appearance, and popularity.


The three-headed electromagnet Magneton was introduced in the first generation of the Pokemon world. Initially, it had only one type, Electric, but after the Steel-type was released, this species has brought two types, Electric and Steel since Gen II.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure

Magneton with the great electromagnetic power of the electromagnets, helps it always hover in the air. The Electrical Power is accumulated and upgraded, and the hard steel outer shell makes it well resistant to common physical attacks, so it is quite popular in the early game versions.

Magneton is used by two Gym Leaders, St.Surge, who specializes in Kanto's Electric system, and Jasmine, who specializes in Johto's Steel. This Pokemon is quite powerful and causes many difficulties for the player without a Fire or Earth Pokemon strong enough to take it down early in one hit.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure

The Magneton species later has a third evolutionary form, Magnezone with upgraded power, increasing its usefulness in combat when it can counter more Pokemon with its move set.


Although not on the list of the best electric-type Pokemon, Jolteon is still a useful Electric-type species that many people want to own. It is only weak against legendary monsters like Zapdos, Raikou, and a few Earth-type Pokemon.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure


Electivire is an Electric-Type Pokemon that has the ability to paralyze and freeze enemies in just one round. This is a 4th generation Pokemon which is evolved by trading an Electirizer with another person. It attacks the opponent by impacting the tail with more than 20,000V of electricity on the opponent, causing them to burn to ashes for a short time.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure

The amount of electricity that Electivire produces is proportional to its pulse, so when participating in combat, the amount of electricity in this Pokemon skyrockets. Besides, when excited, it flapped its chest and roared to create powerful thunderbolts.


Xurkitree is an Electric-type Ultra Beast that appears in Aloha of both the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon universes. Its entire body is made up of cable bundles with rubber sheath and copper core identical to the structure of electrical cables that we often see. Even if you look closely, these bundles of electrical cables stretch to form Xurkitree's legs and arms.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure

A copper core on each hand of Xurkitree is always arranged so that it can be easily absorbed by and transmitted electricity from conductive objects. Its three pins are like power jacks capable of drawing power from places where there are electrical outlets.


Zekrom is a member of the power trio and the yin and yang duo Kyurem and Reshiram. The structure inside its tail is like a giant motor that, when rotated rapidly, will generate lightning and electric current. Zekrom has the ability to set the world on fire with lightning.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure

As a Pokemon with 2 types, Zekrom's skill set is much broader than the rest of Pokemon as it can fully learn attacks from many different types. This legendary electric-type Pokemon is ready to help those who want to build an ideal world.

Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko is Pokemon 2 types Electric and Fairy appeared in the 7th generation. In addition, it is also known as the guardian god of Melemele island. However, Tapu Koko is short-tempered, forgetful, and sometimes doesn't show up when people on the island need help. Tapu Koko possesses extremely good physical attack stats that make it one of the most powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon world. Besides, Koko also has the ability to store electricity by closing the mask on his arms.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure


Raikou has the appearance of a tiger representing the element of thunder and has the ability to move through the air by creating storm clouds. It is known that this Electric-type Pokemon does not have much faith in humans. However, Raikou is easy to make friends with if they are really willing to help him. Raikou's strengths are extremely fast attacks and good endurance, but his defense needs to be reconsidered.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure


Zapdos is a Pokemon with 2 types, Electric and Flying, that appeared in the 1st generation in the Kanto region. Zapdos' appearance is no different from a chicken with yellow feathers. Every time it flaps its wings, it releases electricity, causing lightning. It is known that Zapdos is very rarely seen, almost only appearing during thunderstorms.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure


Thundurus first appeared in the 5th generation along with the nature gods. Thundurus has the same appearance as the genies and has the ability to transform into beast form. This Pokemon possesses two extremely powerful fighting forms with high attacks, Therian and Incarnate. The first form is faster while the second has a much stronger special attack. It has been used a lot in fighting battles and Thundurus is quite scary.

electric type Pokemon Japan Figure

Above are the top 10 Most Powerful Electric Type Pokemon. Besides those, how many Pokemon do you know? Please share more if you want to recommend any Electric-Type Pokemon in this Top 10.

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