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Top 10 Most Powerful Fairy Type Pokemon

In more than 25 years since its launch with more than 18 types introduced in the Pokemon world, Fairy-type is the last type to be introduced. Fairy types first appeared in Gen 6 but have left a great impression on Pokemon fans because of their beautiful appearance. However, do not mistake Fairy-type Pokemon as weak, they are stronger than you imagine. In this article, Japan-Figure will present to you the Top 10 Most Powerful Fairy Type Pokemon. Let's take a look at how many Pokemon you know in this top 10.


Up to now, there are a total of 59 Fairy-type Pokemon, including 22 Pokemon of generations 1 to 5 that can add their Fairy-type and type or complete the Fairy-type. Most Fairy-type Pokemon have a sweet, feminine appearance. Most of the appearance is very beautiful and creates sympathy with the people who see it. However, not only do they look sweet, but Pokemon of this type also have a huge amount of power.

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Up to Gen VI, there are 6 Fairy-type Legendary Pokémon that have been released: Xerneas, Zacian, 4 gods Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini. There are 2 Mythical Pokémon, Diancie and Magearna.


The Fairy Pokemon was developed with the purpose of balancing the power of Dragon-type Pokemon without reducing the power of this system. In addition, the Fairy type also reduces the power of the Bug, Dark, and Fighting systems by half. The main weakness of Fairy-type Pokemon is that it will take twice as much damage from Poison or Steel-type attacks.

In terms of attack, Fairy-type Pokemon will deal double damage to Fighting, Dragon, and Dark-type Pokemon and halve their power against Poison, Steel, and Fire Pokemon.



Sylveon is an evolved form of Eevee that is so famous around the world and has only one type, Fairy. It evolves when Eevee's friendship stat is at its maximum, demonstrating the trainer's great bond with Pokemon.

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As soon as Sylveon was introduced, its sweet cute appearance with silk bands surrounding it made a deep impression on players and audiences. Owning Sylveon has become something that almost everyone wants to have when playing games of this generation.

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In the anime, Sylveon also got a lot of acting as a Pokemon of trainer Serena on her journey to conquer the throne of Pokemon performance queen. Sylveon is also used by Gym Leader Valerie specializing in Fairy-type Pokemon in the Kalos region to fight Ash in a thrilling 2vs2 match.


First appearing in 2013 in Pokemon X, Xerneas is a Pokemon of the Fairy race of Gen IV. In his generation, no one can deserve to top the list today like Xerneas. Not only did it end the dominance of overpowered Dragon-types, but it also proved to be a force to be reckoned with thanks to its stat-boosting signature move, Geomancy.

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Since launch, it's not hard to see Xerneas in almost every lineup, showing just how much influence this Legend has on the metagame. Xerneas also has the ability to make forests grow and restore life to those who have been turned to stone by the Dark-type, Yveltal, a rare and magical ability among Legends.


Pokemon with 2 types, Psycho and Fairy, were introduced in the Hoenn region in Gen 3. Gardevoir originally only had Psycho type but was later added Fairy-type when this type was announced, causing the power and popularity of this Pokemon are rising rapidly.

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Gardevoir is the final evolutionary form of Ralts, Pokemon can be encountered quite early when departing in the Game in the Hoenn region, so many players have used her in their battle squad. Gardevoir is used to fighting the Gym in the town of Dewford, the Gym specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon with the extremely annoying Makuhita.

In the anime version, Gardevoir is used by the champion of the Kalos region, Diantha, as his main Pokemon. In the friendly battle with Ash and Greninja, Gardevoir showed his class with lightning speed, dodging all of Greninja's attacks with relative ease and then counterattacking with precision.

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Later, the Pokemon trio from Ralts that evolved to Gardevoir became more interesting when there was another evolutionary form, Gallade with 2 types, Psycho and Fighting, for male Kirlia, contributing to the Gardevoir family more. more diverse and popular.

Also, Gardevoir has a separate Mega evolution form that has a fairy-like appearance to it with a bulging skirt and extremely powerful special attack stats, making it an extremely attacking Pokemon mighty in battle.


Togepi is a Pokemon that is considered a symbol of good luck. In terms of appearance, Togepi looks like an egg with a very eye-catching appearance. It uses the positive emotions emitted by the body to influence other living beings.

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In the game, Togepi is extremely famous for his Metronome skill, a skill that can trigger a random attack. Besides, this Pokemon also has high attack skills like Double-Edge or Last Resort. This makes it one of the Pokemon that many players desire to own.


If Pokemon Togepi symbolizes luck, Togekiss symbolizes happiness. This Pokemon always has a smile on its bright face that makes everyone feel comfortable and at peace. With wings symbolizing freedom, Togekiss always appears in peaceful lands, bringing happiness to kind people.

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Jigglypuff scored high in the hearts of fans because of its cute appearance. Jigglypuff's large round eyes glow to seduce his opponents. It then inflates its body and sings a mysteriously soothing tune that puts enemies to sleep. When singing, this Fairy-type Pokemon doesn't stop to breath. If during the match, unfortunately, encounter an opponent who is difficult to lull, it will not be able to breathe and is life-threatening.

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Zacian is a legendary Pokemon of the Galas region with a single type, Fairy. It owns the speed and extremely scary attack of a legendary Pokemon. As the incarnation of the sword that protects the Galar region, Zadian has quite suitable stats, and the ability to attack is also extremely reasonable. The same legendary duo, but Zacian is completely superior to Zamazenta with a fighting type and is much preferred by many gamers.

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This Pokemon possesses the ability to transform into a warrior form with the form of a holy sword, carrying two types, Fairy and Steel with increased strength many times, enough to fight the lord from Exernatus space in the form of super-powerful Gigamax.

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In the anime series, Pokemon fans can also witness the mighty Zacian on the darkest day of the Galar continent, protecting the existence of this land. Therefore, the admiration and respect for Zacian are also firmly confirmed to stand at the top of the strongest and most popular Fairy-type Pokemon.


Primarina is a Pokemon with 2 types, Fairy and Water, evolved from Brionne. With a very weak and fragile appearance, Primarina possesses an extremely strong strength. This Pokemon has an outstanding amount of magic stats that will surprise players. Primarina is able to control water bubbles with her voice. It learns tunes from its fellows. These tunes are also passed down through the generations.

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Voice is Primarina's most important weapon in every battle. For Primarina, every match is a stage. It knocks out opponents with its amazing singing and dancing abilities. On moonlit nights, this Pokemon puts on a magical, attractive appearance when leading the choir on stage.


Clefairy is also known as Pippi. This Pokemon was introduced by the first generation in the Kanto region with a cute, round body with a bright pink color. It is found in Mt.Moon mountain with many moon rocks. Clefairy will evolve Clefable when exposed to the Moon Stone and increase its strength significantly.

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In the anime, this Clefairy species is not shown much because it is often occupied by his teammate Jigglypuff. But in the manga version, Clefairy became much more famous and loved.

Generation 6 and versions X & Y have helped Clefairy and its brothers become Fairy-type Pokemon instead of Normal-type Pokemon. Clefairy possesses strong attacks that make it the second strongest Dragon slayer in the game. In addition, the Magic Guard feature also helps Clefairy not lose blood due to the unpleasant influence of the weather.


Kirlia is a Pokemon with 2 types, Fairy and Psycho. This Pokemon usually appears with a petite appearance and green hair that covers most of its face. On each side of Kirlia's head is a red horn that resembles a hairpin. This horn has the ability to amplify Psycho's power and distort the air around it. Distortion in the air causes the illusion of scenery and helps this Pokemon see the future.

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Above is the list of Top 10 Most Powerful Fairy Type Pokemon. How many Pokemon out of the 10 faces above do you know? If you feel that Fairy-type Pokemon is stronger, don't hesitate to share it with Japan-Figure.

Japan Figure provides authentic figures manufactured in Japan.

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