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Ranking The Power Of Satoshi's Pokemon

In the Pokemon world, any trainer wants to be number one. This is also the top goal for Satoshi not to be afraid of difficulties in his journey. The boy went through many tough and dangerous battles. Before winning the Pokemon League tournament, he had collected and trained many strong warriors. In this article, Japan-Figure will rank the strongest Pokemon ever captured by Satoshi.


The process of forming the Pokemon world

Legend has it that the universe and the Pokemon world, in particular, were created by a Pokemon called Arceus. Arceus hatched from an egg in the void.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

Then Arceus created Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia which were endowed with the ability to control space and time. However, Giratina was banished to another dimension.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

Arceus continued to create Azelf - Uxie - Mesprit to form the elements found in humans and Pokemon later (such as will, knowledge, and emotions ...), then all 3 Pokemon Azelf - Uxie - Mesprit dived deep down. 3 lakes in turn (later called Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, and Lake Verity) reside there, the name The Lake Guardians also comes from here. At the same time, Mew appeared on the planet and carried all the DNA of other Pokemon.

The ancient Pokemon that also appeared during this time were Groudon - Kyogre - Rayquaza. Groudon was created from magma deep underground. There is also another theory that these 3 ancient Pokemon created the land-sea-ozone layer by themselves. Groudon and Kyogre continuously created battles, fighting while resting for the next battle. Arceus used their sleep to create two more gems Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to prevent Groudon and Kyogre from waking up and returning to their caveman form.

Pokemon Japan-Figure


Then, Mount Coronet was formed, Regigigas managed to move the continents and form various regions, Mount Stark was formed and Heatran was also created from the lava in it. Arceus created 3 more gems Adamant, Lustrous and Griseous, and then slept without alarm time.

Years later, the prehistoric era began to come with prehistoric Pokemon. Here the evolution also began and split into 2 branches, humans and Pokemon.
Pokemon Japan-Figure

700 years before modern times, 2 towers, Tin and Brass, were built opposite each other symbolizing friendship and prosperity between humans and Pokemon. The world of Pokemon and humans was officially born and the first Pokemon League tournament took place.

Who is Satoshi?

If you are a fan of the Pokemon movie, you will be very impressed with Satoshi. He is the main character of this series, who owns a powerful yellow Pikachu. Satoshi is also known as Ash Ketchum.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

On his 10th birthday, he was officially registered as a Pokemon Trainer. He is allowed to choose a pokemon to start his journey. Although he initially chose Fushigidane, he was given the Pikachu because of waking up late. The image of a 10-year-old boy with Pikachu has since become familiar to those who love the movie.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

With the aim of achieving the number one position in the Training world, he set out on a journey. Through many difficulties, he has more valuable companions. Besides, it also saves and captures many special Pokemon. Thanks to that, he was able to escape the Missile team's tricks. Help him win many tournaments and become the best Pokemon Trainer.


To have many achievements during his journey, Satoshi had many companions. But the most special and the strongest are still the 8 following names.


Snorlax is one of the most prominent and impressive Pokemon from the first generation. Snorlax with its sleeping and gluttonous properties always causes trouble for Satoshi in his journey.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

In the cartoon, the Snorlax is used by Satoshi most at the Johto League with the battle at the Blackthorn last guild. Battle with powerful Dragon Pokemon and Snorlax is the pioneer to pave the way. With good stamina with extremely high HP, Snorlax used the endurance strategy to make Kingdra tired after continuous attacks. And taking advantage of the crucial moment, Snorlax defeated this extremely powerful Dragon Pokemon, giving Satoshi an advantage.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

In the fight against Gary at the Johto League Championship, Snorlax was also used and made a strong impression with its incredible attack power. In this match, Snorlax, with its thick fat properties, was well resistant to Arcanine's intense fire and defeated it with a standard Hyper Beam / Light of Destruction. It then fought Nidoqueen again, healing the Gladiator-type Double Kick which was super effective, but Snorlax still defended hard and countered with Ice Punch to send the opponent flying.


One of the three starting Pokemon at Hoen, Sceptile has high speed and a powerful Leaf Blade attack. In the cartoon, Sceptile is also Satoshi's favorite Pokemon in the Hoenn region when he and the boy advanced very deeply in this tournament. Its impressive victory was the battle with Walrein - a sea lion Pokemon with dual Ice Water-type with the opponent Ice Beam in the quarterfinals.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

Later in the Sinnoh alliance, Sceptile also showed his bravery when he defeated the mysterious Pokemon Darkrai with Leaf Blade - something that no Pokemon at this tournament had done before, becoming one of the rare Pokemon of Satoshi beat the legends.


Captured by Satoshi in the Hoenn region in the third generation, Swellow is a pokemon with extremely good speed and strength. It is an expert in raids and preemptive strikes, helping Satoshi win many important battles on his quest to conquer badges and cup tournaments in the leagues.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

In the Hoenn region, the king swallow Swellow had its proudest battle when it and Satoshi fought the leader of the flying-type Fortree city.

In the double battle for spiritual medals in the city of Mossdeep, Swellow continued to shine when teaming up with Pikachu, forming a thunder and storm duo, breaking the spiritual barrier of the twin leaders here.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

In the Hoenn League Championship Tournament, Swallow is also extremely bright when it helps Satoshi continuously defeat the opponent's pokemon. In the important match against player Tyson, Swellow continued to defeat two of the opponent's Pokemon continuously.

During the great battle at the Battle Frontier Forest, Swellow also helped Satoshi defeat the extremely powerful main pokemon Venusaur-the leader of this place.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

Compared to other native birds, the Swellow king swallow only has one level of evolution from the small swallow Taillow (not two levels like Pidgeot, Staraptor, or Unfezant). It needs to learn the strongest flight-type moves like a brave bird but still extremely powerful, and effective in Satoshi's squad.


Pikachu seems to be the special soul in Satoshi's meaningful journey. This is the one that Satoshi received first and accompanied until the last leg. This is a yellow pokemon with an extremely cute and lovely appearance. Pikachu belongs to the Electric-type, carries a very surprising power, and far exceeds many other names.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

Experiencing many difficulties, Pikachu has strongly defeated many other strong enemies. Some names have been defeated before Pikachu such as Onix, Brock, or Geodude. These are all very strong enemies and put this yellow kid in great danger. Later, Pikachu also faced many other legendary names, creating a name for Satoshi.

Pokemon Japan-Figure


Satoshi first met Infernape when it was in Chimchar form. At that time, it had been abused by the old trainer too much until it was exhausted. But in the end, it was abandoned by this same trainer. This caused great damage and caused it to transform, becoming much stronger.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

After being captured by Satoshi, it was trained in love. It was able to exert power in a better, more efficient way. It helped Satoshi succeed in many important matches later.


Among the warriors that Satoshi owns, Charizard is the least likely to appear with training. However, each time it came back, it was in a much stronger state. This animal is characterized by being quite stubborn, often walking away and refusing to obey. It must be called the most difficult animal to train among Satoshi's Pokemon.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

However, there is a huge ambition to become number one in Charizard. That's why it always trained on its own without Satoshi. Thanks to that, Charizard brought quite a few victories for his coach. It can even defeat Entei, Blastoise to become Satoshi's trump card.

Pokemon Japan-Figure


Currently, the strongest name that Satoshi possesses is Greninja. In general, this name has many similarities with other animals. But it is also quite close to Mega Evolution with the move "Battle Bond". Its power was perfected every day through each match and training period.

Pokemon Japan-Figure

Especially thanks to the belief of the coach himself, Greninja has even more strength for himself. It no longer worries about strong opponents. The ability, strength, and speed are also far beyond other legendary names.

Above are the strongest Satoshi's Pokemon ever ranked by Japan-Figure. If you know any other Satoshi's Pokemon stronger, please share with Japan-Figure and Pokemon fans now.

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