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Card Condition Guide

Ranking Description
 Although it is treated as a beautiful item, it may be in this state even if there are minute scratches, fine threads, etc. (including the initial specifications).
Near Mint
 There are small scratches or scratches on the edge or surface of the card, small white chips, or slight dullness.

Some collections are popular items and high-priced items, and although they are not as beautiful as [Near Mint], they are not as dirty as [Used].

There are small scratches and scratches on the edges and surface of the card, some white chips and slight dullness, and it is in a state where you can immediately see that it is not a beautiful item in general.


There are scratches, scratches, dullness, small dents, etc. on the edge or surface of the card.

Since there are so many types of scratches, some cards may seem to be more tattered than you imagined, while others may feel unexpectedly beautiful just because there are scratches that you will not know unless you search carefully

There is no problem with using it in the game, but it is not recommended for those who purchased it for collection.